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Fear of the Black Man (paperback)
Author: G. M. Merritt
Price: $38.00
ISBN: 9781425174156
Pages: 600
Year: released May, 2008
Category: race and history



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The right book for the times “ Fear of the Black Man “ gives the historic background on Race and History necessary to understand what the election of Barack Obama means to American and world racial history. 

Dr Molefi Kete Asante Temple university wrote,  “I have not finished the book but the parts I have read remind me of Chancellor Williams, John  Henrik Clark and the other self trained historians.  You are in the company of the giants”

Dr Jill Rowe Virginia Commonwealth University wrote, I was very impressed with your research and found the book quite engaging. I think a better fit for the book would be a higher level course than the 100 level I was thinking of”

The Africentric worldview on race and history.
About the Author:

The origins for this book was planted in the mind of a twelve year old boy in 1970 who had a love for history especially bronze-age history. Influenced by movies like the “Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston. Even though they made the Egyptians White they stayed true to history and kept the Ethiopians Black’ this sparked my interest in learning the truth about race and history.  

1970 was also the height of the black power- civil rights movement Black consciousness was at its height. By the time I got to the University of Cincinnati in January 1977 I already knew I would write this book and took classes to study how western history is taught.   

For thirty years I have studied Race and History having read many of the works of some of the greatest historians and the works of lesser known historians both Black and White.  My research has been meticulous knowing I would be challenged by the academic Establishment.  My Life  reflects the quest by Black men in America  for our share of the” American dream” with all of the highs and lows obstacles  and traps a Black man must go through in America. I’ve been to college and I’ve been to prison. I’ve worked “Blue collar jobs” “White collar jobs” and days when I could not find a Job at all.  

I am a family man who is a self-described “Street-Historian-Intellectual” and my politics, to quote Malcolm is “The Politics of Black Nationalism.”


“Why is the black man feared? Why does the black man threaten the white man like no other man?”

Is it because the Blackman built the world’s first civilizations? Is it because the Blackman is the only man to equal or surpass White men in every field of human achievement?  Is it the Whiteman’s sexual inferiority complex they feel regarding the Black Man?

Understand why the Whiteman fears the Blackman and you will understand the root cause of White racism. This book looks at the historic conflict between Black men and White men in a geo-political Machiavellian style.  The sharpness of Truth will shock, upset and educate but the Truth is spoken no matter whose feelings get hurt. What is the Truth?  The Truth is the Blackman built and ruled the civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia when the Whiteman was a nomadic barbarian living in caves and holes in the ground.

This book looks at the rise and the fall of Black civilization and the rise of the Whiteman from a Barbarian to world power.  The Truth is both Black and White histories are closely tied together and you cannot fully understand world history unless you tie them together. I asked questions and looked at evidence ignored by Western historians.  What is the Truth about the Pre-Columbian Blackman in the Americas?  What are the historic origins of ‘white racism’ and the ideology of ‘white supremacy?’ What is the Truth about contemporary racial relations in America today?

A Truth the Black world must acknowledge is the Africentric worldview of” Islamist-Arabs as an enemy of African people and our culture. The Sudan is the new South Africa Arab-Islamic oppressors have killed hundreds of thousands of black people raped thousands of black woman and enslaved thousands more. Where is the outrage from the Black world?  The Truth is the Blackman’s fight against Arab-Islamic invaders dates to the 7th century this war was already 700 years old when the Whiteman first arrived in West Africa.

This book is a response to the works of western intellectuals like Arthur Schlesinger and his book “Disuniting of America” Mary Lefkowitz’s “Not Out of Africa” and Stephen Howe’s book “Afrocentrism”. The author answers their comments with the historic facts and a sharp tongue of Truth that cannot be denied.

This book will be controversial it will challenge some long held beliefs, some people will love it, some people will hate it, everybody will learn from it. The writing style is Easy to read and understand   “Fear of the Black Man” connects the Past, Present and Future to our every day lives.





















The motivation for this book comes from my sons Michael, Cory and Marcus. I want them to know what it means to be a Blackman beyond what their western education tells them. This work is my attempt as a Blackman and a father too past on to my sons and their sons the Africentric worldview.

I want them to know what the Blackman achieved before America called him a "nigger".  I want them to know the Black man is feared because no other man on earth threatens the White man's sense of manhood like a Blackman.

Black men threaten White men in a way that Hispanic, Asian and Arab men don't. This fear is ancient and you can trace it to its origins in the first Indo-Aryan invasions of Black civilization.

Understand the Whiteman’s ancient fear and you began to understand why the economic, legal and political systems oppress Black men in America today.

In an Essence magazine article dated November 1992 author Joel Dreyfuss asked a panel of white men "what is it about black men that scares white men so?”.

The answers were very enlightening especially those of noted intellectual Andrew Hacker who says,

"It could be that all white people do feel guilty for what we have done to black people but we don't admit it in so many words and sometimes the vehemence of our denial—we don't owe them anything—seems to suggest that perhaps a number of us do feel that something is owed…our fear of black men is that they are so physical they can hurt us, in addition, what can they do to our women? And once again, whether it's Willie Horton or Mike Tyson, somehow the black rapist inflicts more damage than a white rapist ever could. This comes back to the physical; the potency the strength there, the rape has overtones of miscegenation, planting a seed, mongrelizing our pure race. That fear partly sexual goes back a long way, and that comes down to the fact that we white men regard black men as better sexual performers than we are. We don't say this publicly, but we say, 'gee they're so natural' and we began to wonder. 'Our women could they not be attracted to that? Oh, they won't tell us that they're attracted to black men' and that really drives us up the wall. Therefore all our efforts to de-man black men. The most graphic was lynching, of course, but now we put them in cages, called prisons, again to de-male them. we can't call them 'boy' but we still somehow can make sure they don’t have jobs, make sure they don't threaten us in other ways we don't give young black men, starting at a certain age, a chance to develop impressive careers in this country"

Andrew Hacker's comments were honest and clearly confirm the economic castration of the Blackman and the Whiteman's ‘Fear of The Blackman’.

The Africentric worldview is based on the historic facts from the Blackman’s prospective. This work gives a small insight into early world racial history and the ancient conflict between White and Black men.

A battle for world supremacy beginning in the bronze-age which formed the historic basis for the ‘Fear of the Blackman’.

In obscure writings White historians will sometimes give you a glimpse. A book called "Six Thousand Years of history" states,

"these wars were fought out not merely to decide the fate of two cities or empires, but to determine which of the two races the Indo-Germanic otherwise indo-European or Aryan or the Semitic, should have the dominion of the world…on the one side the Aryan has the genius for war, government and legislation on the other side the Semitic the spirit of industry, navigation and commerce"

If you substitute the word 'Black' for 'Semitic' you would have an somewhat accurate statement.

Serious White historians know this fact very well they also know to tell the truth would reveal the dominate position of the Blackman in the bronze-age.

What some white historians call ‘Semitic’ was Black bronze-age civilization which I date from about 4500 B.C. the time of the first dynasty’s of Egypt and Mesopotamia to 202 B.C. and the defeat of the Black general known to history as “Hannibal” at the battle of Zama in North Africa by the Aryan-Romans.

What western history doesn’t tell you is this 4000 year period was mostly a period of World Empire for the Blackman. In contrast

the White man for most of this period and beyond was a nomad barbarian with a special talent only for warfare.

Everything else was a gift of conquest over Black bronze-age civilization. The destruction of the Blackman as a world power and builder of the world’s first civilization has been so complete White historians do not even want to acknowledge how it happen.

Here at the dawn of the 21st century in the “End of days” the Truth about Race and History is being revealed in various ways.

While this work may appear to some as anti-white it’s not, the Truth is both the Aryan-Whiteman and the Islamic-Arab man has been an invader, enslaver and destroyer of Black people, Black culture and Black civilization.

I attack White historians and intellectuals when they support the racists Aryan-Western model of history. Besides Whites have attacked Black people for centuries in their writings and still do so today.

In the 21st century the Blackman has reestablish himself with his Africentric worldview and we don’t need the approval or validation of Western academia for our worldview.

The Truth is America needs its version of the South African 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' This national soul bearing was a kind of mass therapy for South Africans, Black and White as they talked about their painful past.

White America has not yet shown the courage of White south Africans how ironic would it be if South Africans solve their racial problems before the United States.

White America's fear is if they admit their crimes it would reveal the fact that they are indeed liable for reparations to African-Americans. This unspoken fear is one reason that keeps America from having any meaningful discussions on Race there are others.

An example of White intellectual racism is a book published in 1918 "Six Thousand years of history". It says;

"of all the races of mankind the only one whose history is important for us is the Caucasian or white race to which belong the people of those states and empires of old the Egyptian, the Assyrian, the Babylonian, the Hebrew, the Phoenician, the Hindu, the Persian, the Greek, and the roman. This race is historical, because it displays the most highly civilized type of mankind that type whose progress and achievements are the true province of history. This grand stock the Caucasian race has been classified into three main branches the Aryan or indo-European, the Semitic and the Hamitic. It is the Aryans that have been the parents of new nations, and that have reached the highest point of intellectual development, as shown in their political freedom, and in their science, literature and art. The glory of the Aryan element is shown in the fact that the ancient Greek and roman, the modern German, Englishman, American and Frenchman are all of Aryan race. The Caucasian presents us with the highest type among the five families of man. The Aryan branch of the Caucasian family presents us with the noblest pattern of that highest type. The Aryan in history shows all that is most worthy of renown in energy, and enterprise, and skill, and claims of right the foremost place on history's page. The study of these Aryan tongues has also told what progress had been made by this, the king of races, before the time arrived for starting south and west, to fill, to conquer, and to civilize the western world"

That is the Aryan-Western model of history this White supremacists worldview is still very much alive today.

Most whites today would have no problem agreeing with most if not all of the above comments this is what western education teaches them.

The only half-true comment in the whole statement is the end when they say “the progress made by this the king of races”.

This work not only gives a clearer view of the Africentric worldview. But I also look at the so-called “king of races” the Whiteman, his origins and how and when he got to the position of world power.

The work of the historian is always built on those who came before him thus I give thanks to the many historians both black and white whose works I have quoted in these pages. Even when I disagreed with the conclusions of white historians in many cases they supplied me with useful data.

This book is a response to the Aryan model of history and looks into why the Whiteman ‘fears the Blackman’ despite his claims of superiority?

Besides his sexual fears is this fear based on the knowledge that Black men built civilizations in Egypto-Ethiopia, Mesopotamia, Crete, China and in the Americas?

Serious White historians know they were tribes of nomad barbarians when the foundation of world civilization was built by Blackmen.

An example is Percival Spear I will quote him from his book "India a Modern History" as he explains the origins of the word "Aryan". He writes,

"Who were the Aryans? We do not in fact know who the original Aryans were, or what they called themselves. the word "arya" signifies "kinsman" and by derivation "noble" the people thus called were apparently a group of tribes which emerged from the

steppes of south Russia and central Asia during the second millennium B.C. one group entered Europe to become the ancestors of the Greeks, other tribes found their way into Asia minor and others entered Iran. This eastern stream subdivided, one branch settling in Iran or Persia itself to found Persian civilization, and the other moving eastward to enter India. All these tribes had the common physical characteristics of fair skin and blue eyes"

Another esteemed White historian Will Durant gives us another look at Caucasian origins in his book "Our Oriental Heritage". He writes,

"Who were these marauding Aryans? They themselves used the term as meaning noblemen but perhaps this patriotic derivation is one of those after-thoughts which cast scandalous gleams of humor.” (Monier-Williams derives Aryan from the Sanskrit root, to plough. on this theory the word Aryan originally meant not nobleman but peasant) very probably they came from the Caspian region which their Persian cousins called "the Aryan home" about the same time that the Aryan Kassites overran Babylonia and the Vedic Aryans began to enter India…we conclude that the Mitannans, the Hittites, the Kassites, the Sogdians, the Bactrian’s, the Medes, the Persians and the Aryan invaders of India were branches of an already heterogeneous "indo-European" stock which spread out from the shores of the Caspian Sea."

So it is historically correct to call Whites either Caucasian or Indo-Aryans their ancient tribal name. Although the Nazi's of Hitler's Germany gave the "Aryan" name a bad reputation it is a historically correct name.

I use "Aryan" along with White, Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, Indo-European, and Nordic as historic names for White people.

Few Western historians will tell the full story of man's racial history to do so would challenge the Aryan model of history so deeply ingrained in western culture.

The Africentric worldview destroys the racism and lies that are the Aryan-western model of history. One fact I will emphasize again and again is that serious White historians are not ignorant of the truth about history and in many cases they themselves confirm the Africentric worldview.

This point is driven home by Will Durant from his book "Our Oriental Heritage", take note of his title, it says all that needs to be said as to how Black history is hidden and distorted by modern White historians even when they give correct factual data. He writes,

"in this rough theater of teeming peoples and conflicting cultures were developed the agriculture and commerce, the horse and wagon, the coinage and letters of credit, the crafts and industries, the law and government, the mathematics and medicine, the enemas and drainage systems, the geometry and astronomy, the calendar and clock and zodiac, the alphabet and writing, the paper and ink, the books libraries and schools, the literature and music, the sculpture and architecture, the glazed pottery and fine furniture, the monotheism and monogamy, the cosmetics and jewelry, the checkers and dice, the ten-pins and income-tax, the wet-nurses and beer, from which our own European and American culture derive by a continuous succession through the mediation of Crete and Greece and Rome. The "Aryans" did not establish civilization they took it from Babylon and Egypt. Greece did not begin civilization it inherited far more civilization than it began, it was the spoiled heir of three millenniums of arts and sciences brought to its cities from the near east by the fortunes of trade and war. In studying and honoring the near east we shall be acknowledging a debt long due to the real founders of European and American civilization"

This esteemed Western historian has just explained the Africentric worldview exactly.

He repeats what Africentric historians have said all-along but because he calls this culture and civilization “Oriental” and the region “near East” the Blackman today is denied all credit in western history books for the development of world civilization.

There were many Black historians, nationalists, and intellectuals over the last 150 years who worked to reveal the truth and develop the Africentric worldview.

A worldview that includes African-Americans and Africans a worldview that embraces people of African descent wherever they live in the world.

The battle over the validity of Africentric based education is an attempt by whites to maintain their control over the education of Black children. It should be needless to say people who do not control the education of its children are doomed.

This work is an Africentric prospective on race, history and contemporary racial relations and though I wrote with Black America in mind White America also need to know the Africentric worldview.

By what right do I dare write a book about History and Race? What are my academic qualifications for this work? Tireless research over thirty years and living the life of a Blackman in America.

I have no academic reputation or prestigious university job to protect I can speak the truth about the Blackman’s place in history without fear of the academic establishment unlike some historians both Black and White.

You will learn more about Race and history from reading this book then you would learn in eight years of college. The Truth will free whites as well as Blacks from the lingering effects of slavery, segregation and the ideology of white supremacy.

The Truth must be told if America is to free itself from its racists past. I do not write this book with hatred in my heart in many cases it is very small groups of Whites who plot to control the destiny of Black people.

However the White population in general has and still profits from the system of institutional racism despite their denials.

Even more important the ‘body of Christ’ will expand and advance when the false ideology of White supremacy supported by White institutions is destroyed.

The contributions of the Blackman to world civilization must be acknowledged anything less will doom us to continued racial conflict. That is why it will also require the reeducation of whites if racism is to be destroyed in America.

Some would no doubt say 'conflict' is too strong of a term to use but in response I would say the conditions some if not most Black people face on this planet amount to nothing less than Genocide.

And we are within our rights to quote Malcolm to "resist by any means necessary" the attempt to destroy us. Black people will fight against oppression and domination no matter who the oppressors are Whites, Arabs or Asians.

It is now a well established fact that Africa is the birth place of mankind and that the world’s first people were Black. Western scientist themselves have proven this yet Western historians have not yet caught up to this fact.

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