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Inner Snapshots (Paperback)

by Shai
Price: $20.00
  • ISBN: 1592321410



LaShai Janise Williams was born in June of 1981, in Brooklyn, New York. Known by many as “Shai,” she was always supported by a host of family and close friends. Shai was raised by her mother, Sharon and her father, Lloyd. LaShai has the “distinct pleasure” of having a brother, Bijan Williams and also her dog, a toy poodle. Walking in the path that her grandmother laid for her, Shai wanted for nothing.

She grew up in New Jersey, surrounded by well known sports players, world-renowned individuals and celebrities. Growing up in a world where she had everything a child could want: love, family, friends and material things—Shai still had to grapple with the twists and turns of life in childhood and throughout early adult hood.

The death of Shai’s beloved grandmother, Jessie Banks, was the one experience that triggered her unlived talent: writing. As she scribes in one of her riveting pieces: “Watching my grandmother die was like watching a fire and not being able to put it out” you can feel the love and bond between a loving Grandmother and Granddaughter. Her collection found in this book is a direct correlation of feelings we all possess and express! Shai just wants to help others learn how to cope, to laugh, or cry and to find peace within oneself.

Shai began to express her feelings and emotions of these experiences through her writing. Although, many could complain that she had it all, Shai was able to relate to those without, because of her own experiences and the experiences of her ancestors. She has put to print the complexities of life, not only of her peers, colleagues, and associates, but of people everywhere.

Shai attended the Dwight-Englewood High School in Englewood, New Jersey. After graduating, she decided to continue her education at Boston University, which proved to be one of the most influential experiences of her life. After graduating with a psychology degree, she decided to pursue a temporary career in early education. She loved working with children at such an innocent, worry free stage. This intrigued her interests at the time; however she has returned to her passion of writing and touching the lives of others in addition to being a young socialite.

At the young age of 21, heading to new endeavors, Shai established a production company called Shai-la Productions geared toward young adults and the livelihood of their being. Its motto, “Only the bold and the beautiful.” The company focused primarily on social events and “whats hott,” in dining, fashion and nightlife. Shai always knew the “hott” spots in nightlife and was always surrounded by a host of “social butterflies.” These gatherings were where her passion for music, dance, beauty and fashion thrived.

Always in the glimmer of the limelight, being able to travel and live, seemingly to some, extravagantly, her parents and grandparents only wanted the best for her and her brother. At the age of 24, Shai has traveled to many countries and places people only dream of. She has basked in the sun all over the Virgin Islands, France, Italy, Africa, Spain and even commandeered the rainy days in London as well. At such a young age this only built on her character. Wherever the journey, she was always inspired by the beauty around her!

Just a mere thought or conversation would evoke so much passion, meaning and true concern for an individual, thus provoking her to describe these common experiences, feelings and emotions. At such a young age, Shai has a great gift of insight. She has extracts information from a myriad of life’s experiences positive or negative and passionately describes them.

Shai finds it imperative for people to appreciate the adventure of one’s life and to ascertain insight. 

Through reading her work and feeling whatever the mood may be, you will truly feel her passion. She says,“The journey is ours—we make it what we want it to be!”

In the zest of her work one can really feel the excitement and worthiness of living, while also depicting many of life’s emotional waves.

“Shai” truly conveys the everyday quest and conquests of our journey through life!


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