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  Caught Up, Winston Chapman, 0972800506

Caught Up!
By Winston Chapman

 - $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800506

  Slick, Brenda Hampton, 0972800557

By Brenda Hampton

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800557


When Raven Klein, a bi-racial woman from Iowa moves to Atlanta in hopes of finding a life she's secretly dreamed about, she finds more than she ever imagined. Quickly lured and lost in a world of sex, money, power-struggles, betrayal & deceit, Raven doesn't know who she can really trust!

A chance meeting at a bus terminal leads to her delving into the seedy world of strip-clubs, big-ballers and shot-callers. Now, Raven's shuffling through more men than a Vegas blackjack dealer does a deck of cards. And sex has even become mundane -- little more than a tool to get what she wants.

After a famous acquaintance winds-up dead -- On which shoulder will Raven lean? A wrong choice could cost her life! There's a reason they call it HOTATLANTA!


Dana & Sylvia have been girlfriends for what seems like forever. They've never been afraid to share everything about their lives and definitely keep each other's secrets … including hiding Dana's On-The-DL affair from her husband, Jonathan.

Though Sylvia is uncomfortable with her participation in the cover-up and despises the man Dana's creepin' with, she remains a loyal friend. That is, until she finds herself attracted to the very man her friend is deceiving.

As the lines of friendship and matrimonial territory erodes, all hell is about to break loose! Choices have to be made with serious repercussions at stake.

If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right

  Caught Up, Winston Chapman, 0972800506 Publisher: Black Book Pearls   Slick, Brenda Hampton, 0972800557
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Hustlin Backwards, Mike Sanders, 0972800530

Hustlin' Backwards
By Mike Sanders

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800530

  Dyme Hit List, Curtis Alcutt, 0976600714

Dyme Hit List
By Curtis Alcutt

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0976600714


Capone, and his life-long road dawgz, June and Vonzell are out for just one thing…. To get rich!....By any means necessary!

As these three partners in crime rise up the ranks from Project-Kids to Street-Dons, their sworn code of “Death Before Dishonor” gets tested by the Feds.

Though Capone’s simple pursuit of forward progression as a Hustler gains him an enviable lifestyle of Fame, Fortune and all the women his libido can handle – It also comes with a price.
No matter the location – Miami, Charlotte, Connecticut or Puerto Rico – There’s simply no rest for the wicked!

WARNING: HUSTLIN’ BACKWARDS is not the typical street-novel. A Unique Plot, Complex Characters mixed with a Mega-dose of Sensuality makes this story enjoyable by all sorts of readers! A true Hustler himself, Mike Sanders knows the game, inside and out!


Rio Romero Clark is an Oakland-bred brotha determined to remain a Playa-For-Life!

Taught by the best of Macks (his Uncle Lee, Father and Grandfather), Rio feels no woman can resist him. And he knows that his game is definitely tight, considering that he’s as a third-generation Playa.

It is Rio’s United-Nations-like appreciation for all types and races of women, from the Ghetto-Fab to the Professional, that leads him to the biggest challenge of his Mack-hood, Carmen Massey. Carmen, a luscious southern-Dyme, at first sight, appears to be just another target on Rio’s Dyme Hit List! Possessing a body that’s bangin’ enough to make most brothas beg, mixed with southern-charm that can cause even the best playa to hesitate, Carmen’s got Rio in jeopardy of getting his Playa-Card revoked. Burdened with the weight of potentially not living-up to the family Mack-legacy, Rio must choose between continuing to love his lifestyle or loving Carmen. Unexpectedly tragedy strikes in Rio’s life and a dark secret in Carmen’s past ignites a fire that threatens to burn-up their relationship, permanently.

  Hustlin Backwards, Mike Sanders, 0972800530 Publisher: Black Book Pearls   Dyme Hit List, Curtis Alcutt, 0976600714
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Shakedown, Nubian James, 097280059X

By Nubian James

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 097280059X

  Busted, Rhonda Swan, 0976600706

By Rhonda Swan

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0976600706


Paris Hightower is a sexy young thang who falls in love with the man of her dreams, Tyree Dickerson, the son of very wealthy Real Estate tycoons. But there’s a problem…. Tyree’s mother (Mrs. Dickerson) thinks that her son is too good for Paris and is dead-set on destroying the relationship at all costs.

After Mrs. Dickerson reveals a long-kept secret to Paris about her mother (Ebony Hightower), a woman that abandoned Paris and her brother more than fifteen years ago when she was forced to flee and hide from police amidst Attempted-Murder charges for shooting Paris’ father --- Paris is left in an impossible situation.

Even though the police have long given-up on the search for Ebony Hightower (Paris’ mother), the bitter Mrs. Dickerson threatens to find her and turn her in to authorities as blackmail for Paris to end the relationship with her son.

Paris knows that Mrs. Dickerson means business – she has the time, interest and money to hunt down her mother. Left with the choices of pursuing her own happiness or protecting the freedom of her mother, a woman she barely knows, Paris is confused as to the right thing to do.

As the situation escalates to fireworks of private investigators, deception, financial sabotage and kidnapping, even Paris’ life becomes in danger. Just when Paris feels that all hope is lost, she’s shocked when she receives unexpected help from an unlikely source.


Arianna, Nicole and Janelle each have met a charming man online at LoveMeBlack.com, a popular internet-dating website.  Arianna Singleton, a sassy reporter who moves to Philly to further her career as a journalist, finds herself lonely in the big ‘City of Brotherly Love’ as she seeks a brotha-to-love online. After several comical dates with duds, she thinks she’s finally met a stud.

Nicole Harris, a sanctified Public Relations Executive residing in Maryland puts her salvation on-hold when she begins living with a man that she’s met on-line. Stumbling across her new beau’s e-mails, she realizes that his Internet pursuits didn’t end just because they now share the same zip code.

Janelle Carter, a Virginia Hair Salon Owner spends her nights cruising the Web taking on personas of her sexy, confident clients. A business arrangement that she makes on-line brings her face-to-face with a man she thinks is her destiny.

The lives of Arianna, Nicole and Janelle collide in a drama, as they discover that they’ve all been dating the same man….Chauncey, a brother that makes a habit out of loving and leaving women that he’s met thru LoveMeBlack.com.

A plot is devised to exact their revenge on the unsuspecting Chauncey, as an unforgettable way of letting him know that he’s been BUSTED!

  Shakedown, Nubian James, 097280059X
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Busted, Rhonda Swan, 0976600706
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Crunk, The Bad Boyz, 0972800549

By The Bad Boyz

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800549

  Wild Thangz, Winston Chapman, 0972800522

Wild Thangz
By Winston Chapman

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800522


Imagine a Thug-World divided by the Mason-Dixon Line……..

After the brutal murder of four NYC ganstas in Charlotte, the climate is set for an all-out Thug Civil War – North pitted against South!

Rah-Rah, leader of NYC's underworld and KoKo, head of one of the Durty South's most ferocious Crunk-crews are on a collision course to destruction.

While Rah-Rah tries to rally his northern Thugdom (Philly, NJ & NY), KoKo attempts to saddle-up heads of the southern Hoodville (Atlanta, South Carolina & Charlotte).

Kendra and Janeen, a southern sister-duo of self-proclaimed baddest b*****'s, conduct a make-shift Thug Academy to prepare KoKo's VA-bred cousin (Shine) to infiltrate NYC's underground, as a secret weapon to the impending battle.

The US Government, well-aware of the upcoming war, takes a backseat role, not totally against the idea that a war of this magnitude might actual do what the Government has been unable to do with thousands of life sentences -- Rid society completely of the dangerous element associated with the Underground-World.

Suspensfully-Sexy, Erotically-Ghetto and Mysteriously-Raw. CRUNK will leave you saying, Hmmmm?


Jazmyn, Trina and Brea are definitely a trio of Drama-Magnets - the sista-girlz version of Charlie's Angels. Young & fine with bangin' bodies, the three of them feel like they can do no wrong – not even with each other.

No matter the location: Jamaica, Miami, NYC or the A-T-L, lust, greed and trouble is never far from these wanna-be divas.  Jazymn has secret dreams that if she pursues will cause her to have mega family problems. Though the most logical of the group, she can get her attitude on with the best of them when pushed. Trina wasn't always the diva. Book-smarts used to be her calling-card. But, under the tutoring of her personal hoochie-professor, Brea , she's just now beginning to understand the power that she has in her traffic-stopping Badunkadunk.
Brea has the face of a princess, but is straight ghetto-fab -- without the slightest shame. As the wildest of the bunch, her personal credos of living life to the fullest and to use ‘what her mama gave her' to get ahead, is constantly creating drama for Jazymn and Trina. When past skeleton-choices in Brea 's closet places all three of them in an impossible life-and-death situation, they must take an action that has the most serious of consequences, in order to survive! The very foundation of their friendship-bond gets tested, as each of them have the opportunity to sell-out the other! The question is, Will They? Wild Parties, Wild Situations & Wild Nights are always present for these Wild Thangz!

  Crunk, The Bad Boyz, 0972800549
Publisher: Black Book Pearls

Wild Thangz, Winston Chapman, 0972800522 Publisher: Black Book Pearls

  Sex A Baller, Mysterious Luva, 0972800514

Sex A Baller
By Mysterious Luva

- $12.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800514

  Hyped, Luke, 0972800565

By Luke

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800565


Mysterious Luva has sexed them all! Ball players, CEO’s, Music Stars -- You name the baller, she’s had them. And more importantly, she’s made them all pay……

Sex A Baller is a poignant mix of a sexy tale of how Mysterious Luva has become one of the World’s Best Baller Catchers and an Instructional Guide for the wanna-be Baller Catcher!

No details or secrets are spared, as she delivers her personal story along with the winning tips & secrets for daring women interested in catching a baller!


Baller Catching 101
• Top-20 Baller SEX POSITIONS (Photos!)
• Where To FIND A Baller
• Which Ballers Have The BIGGEST Penis
• Making A Baller Fall In Love
• Getting MONEY From A Baller
• What Kind Of SEX A Baller Likes
• The EASIEST Type of Baller To Catch
• Turning A Baller Out In Bed
• GAMES To Play On A Baller
• Getting Your Rent Paid & A Free Car
• Learn All The SECRETS!



Maurice LaSalle is a player – of women and the saxophone. A gifted musician, he's the driving force behind MoJazz, a neo-soul group on the verge of their big break. Along with his partner in rhyme and crime, Jamal Grover, Maurice has more women than he can count. Though guided by his mentor Simon, Maurice knows Right but constantly does Wrong.

Then Ebony Stanford enters Maurice's world and he begins to play a new tune. Ebony, still reeling from a nasty divorce, has just about given up on men, but when Maurice hits the right notes (everywhere) she can't help but fall for his charms.

While Maurice and Ebony get closer, Jamal is busy putting so many notches on his headboard post after each female conquest, that the post looks more like a tooth-pick. When a stalker threatens his life, Maurices warns him to slow his roll, but Jamal's hyped behavior prevails over good sense.

Just as Maurice is contemplating turning in his player card for good, stupidity overrules his judgment and throws his harmonious relationship with Ebony into a tale-spin. When it appears that things couldn't get any worse, tragedy strikes and his life is changed forever!

A Powerfully-Written Sexy-Tale, HYPED is a unique blend of Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue and Glowing-Sensuality.

  Sex A Baller, Mysterious Luva, 0972800514
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Hyped, Luke, 0972800565
Publisher: Black Book Pearls

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  African American Calendars 2006 BlackBookPlus.com offers a wide selection of Black calendars for 2006, which include a wide variety of hard-to-find titles. Our 2006 African American calendars cover various categories including: African American Art, Spiritual/Inspirational, Female Models, Male Models, Music, Black History, and African Art & Culture.