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  Still Crazy, Darrin Lowery, 0972800581

Still Crazy
By Darrin Lowery

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0972800581

  Naughty By Nature, Brenda Hampton, 0977343439

Naughty By Nature
By Brenda Hampton

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0977343439


Kevin Allen, a rich, handsome author and self-reformed ‘Mack', is now suffering from writer's block.

Desperately in need of a great story in order to renegotiate with his publisher to maintain his extravagant life-style, Kevin decides to go back to his hometown of Chicago for inspiration. While in Chi-town, he gets reacquainted with an ex-love (Yolanda) that he'd last seen during their stormy relationship that violently came to an end.

Unexpectedly, Yolanda appears at a book-event where Kevin is the star-attraction, looking every bit as stunningly beautiful as the picture he's had frozen in his head for years. She still has the looks of music video model and almost makes him forget as to the reason he'd ever broken off their relationship.

It's no secret, Yolanda had always been the jealous type. And, Kevin's explanation to his boyz, defending his decision for kicking a woman that fine to the curb was, “She's Crazy!”.

The combination of Kevin's vulnerable state in his career, along with the tantalizing opportunity to hit that again, causes Kevin to contemplate renewing his expired Players-Card, one last time. What harm could one night of passion create?

Clouding his judgment even more is that Kevin feels like hooking-up with Yolanda might just be the rekindling needed to ignite the fire for his creativity in his writing career. But, there are just two problems. Kevin is married! .......And, Yolanda is Still Crazy!


Scorpio Valentino, a sexy-diva beauty-salon owner, is used to having her way with any and every man that she meets. She’s a master at playing head-games and also possesses a curvaceous body that’ll have any man’s tongue watering. But when one man (Jaylin) has finally been able to free himself from her grip and moves on, Scorpio just ain’t having it. She’ll try anything to get him back.

Jaylin has moved to Florida after breaking-up with Scorpio when he learned that she’s so grimey that she slept with his own cousin! Now he’s got what he feels is the best life for him -- a successful financial career, a woman that’s worthy of him and a good best-friend (Shane).

Shane Alexander is under the pressure of meeting the demands of a big account at work. Complicating the matter is a girlfriend that’s also pressuring him to marry her and a business partner (Felicia) that’s pressuring and blackmailing him into staying with the firm. The opportunity arises for Scorpio to reclaim Jaylin, when Shane invites his best-friend to fly into town to help close a major business deal. Just by seeing Scorpio’s face again, it quickly reminds Jaylin of the
power she once had over him and leaves him in a vulnerable and confused state – just how Scorpio likes it.

Felicia Davenport is a hard-nosed, low-down, majority-owner of the company where Shane works. She’s the boss and that’s that! Secretly, she has a thing for Shane, but gets ruthless when she’s unable to attract him and learns that Scorpio seems to have his nose wide-open for her. A CD in Felicia’s possession threatens to simultaneously destroy the lives of both Shane and Jaylin. Scorpio’s naughty sex-life catches up with her, as she starts being anonymously terrorized with harassing phone calls and vandalism of her property. Eventually, it’s Scorpio’s own behavior that leads to her staring down the barrel of gun, wielded by the scorned-wife of one of the many men that she’s been sexin’. Some women are greedy. Some women are sneaky. Some even think they’re Slick. But there’s nothing like a woman that’s Naughty-By-Nature!

  Still Crazy, Darrin Lowery, 0972800581
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Naughty By Nature, Brenda Hampton, 0977343439 Publisher: Black Book Pearls  
  Sensation, Tangelika Bolen, 0977343847
By Tangelika Bolen

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0977343847

  Snitch, Mike Sanders, 0977343820
By Mike Sanders

- $14.95
- Fiction
- Paperback
- ISBN 0977343820


Teresa Tucker a.k.a. “Sensation” is a small-town, sexy, yet naïve Georgia-peach with the assets to make it big in the strip-game. Lured by the money and the attention, she soon finds there’s much more to this lifestyle. The people in this game, may have a gang of cash to flash, but
make no mistake, they play for keeps.

Originally encouraged to become a dancer by smooth-talking Abdul, a dope-slangin’ strip-club regular, Teresa is easily convinced by his golden-tongue and her own greed, into dealing cocaine to other dancers at the club for him.

Brought to the A-T-L from her hometown of Tifton-GA by Delvin, a correctional officer and a man 10-years older than her. In Delvin she had hopes that she’d found the stability that she’s been searching for all of her young 21-years. Though he has shown signs of having her back, soon
she’s disappointed to discover that age doesn’t equal maturity, as Delvin is just as triflin’ of a cheater as any other man.

Hurt from the betrayal of a man that she hates to acknowledge that she loves, Teresa decides to move to Miami for a fresh start, which turns-out to be anything but that. When Teresa and a coked-out stripper (Tina) witnesses something they weren’t supposed to see, she finds herself in
hiding back in her hometown.

Trying to put sense to all of her daughter’s recent misfortune, including being raped by a familiar person, Teresa’s mom desperately calls upon a soothsayer that provides some surprising insights and revelations. While back in Tifton, Teresa, who’s guilty of her own dirt, begins a new
relationship with Calvin, a man that treats her in a way like none before. But he has secrets of his own and knows more about the reasons for all of her problems than he’ll admit. When Delvin wants back into Teresa’s life and hunts her down, it creates violent tension between he and Calvin. A choice must be made! Though not completely innocent from blame, Teresa has spent most of her life confused and battling problems. When the name of the secret source
of all her trials are written on a small piece of paper, she learns that there’s only one way to permanently end her troubles!


Mike a.k.a. “Capone” is on the run from the Feds, since his once partner June testified against him and his boy to have his own sentence reduced. While Jared Wilson a.k.a “June” eventually is released from prison and able to again walk the streets as a free man, Capone and his other partner in crime, “V”, continue to live fugitive’s lives, forced to be away from their home and families.

Branded as a “Snitch”, June attempts to regain his previous hustler status by partnering with, but later betraying C-Low in a robbery of a drug-dealer (Skola). With the stolen cash, June is now ready to resurface back in his hometown and hook-up with his cousin Flyy to begin to take over the game. Knowing that once labeled a “Snitch”, always a “Snitch” – June knows that respect won’t be given – He’ll have to take it!

JayQuan a.k.a “JQ” is one of the most ruthless hustlers and V’s brother that’s been holding down the game in V’s absence. Originally a protégé of Capone, V and June, he’s always been known for his hot-head. When he learns that June is stupid enough to return after his early-release from
dropping dime on his brother-V, JQ makes plans to get a toe-tag tied on June.

Donyetta “Dee” Jenkins is V’s wifey and mother of the son he never got to meet that she gave birth to 7-months after he was forced into hiding. Together with Kinya, Capone’s baby-mama, they both try to come-up on their own without the help of their exiled men, by running their own spa. Neither have been in contact and don’t know whether V or Capone are dead
or alive.

When Capone and V learn that June’s back, living the life that they’ve been denied due to the betrayal he’d done against them – risking being detected by the Feds and facing the charges they’ve spent years evading become no longer important when they also discover the new dirt June has done. They make plans to make him pay the ultimate price! There’s simply No Rest & No Sleep for a SNITCH!

  Sensation, Tangelika Bolen, 0977343847
Publisher: Black Book Pearls
  Snitch, Mike Sanders, 0977343820
Publisher: Black Book Pearls

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