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Deep Thoughts, Phillip Reed, 1413483410
Deep Thoughts by Phillip Reed

ISBN: 1413483410 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 133
Subject: Self-Help / General
List Price: $17.84

Deep Thoughts, Phillip Reed, 1413483410
You have to be able to open your mind to read this!!! IT'S THAT DEEP

My book "Deep Thoughts" has a wide range of thoughts about life, thoughts that every person has experienced at least once in their life, the book is filled with thoughts and meanings to everyday life, which are very intense to the mind, such as love and the feeling of losing love. My thoughts on having a day but truly not knowing this may be your last day or how blessed we are to have this day. My thoughts on wishing you could have yesterday back to change a moment of that day. My thoughts on making our children better so they will have a better future than us. My thoughts on knowing how truly blessed you are just to be with that special person in your life. I have broken down words such as love, bless, color, black, touch, day, thug, system, and miss all these word with a meaning that will allow you to look at them with a different understanding. This book was written just to allow people to think about certain thoughts or feelings we sometime take for granted or really don't even think about because its just a regular part of life or should I say just the normal way to live. Are you ready to order your book today? To enjoy thoughts on everyday things like you have never done before? If so, get your copy of "Deep Thoughts" today.
Deep Thoughts, By Phillip Reed, is a wonderful book of information and
sayings that will open your mind and make you think and look within
yourself for meaning. Sometimes we pass the day just to get things done, to
start a task and finish it, without distraction. But life is full of
distractions. Life is full of thoughts, full of events. What if you stop each day
and read a paragraph, read a saying, read something that will get your mind
and your heart going? Could we all use a moment each day to reflect, to
gain knowledge, to gain emotion?

Reed's book gives you that. With thoughts like, "Remember to be all
you can be, you only have to be yourself!!" and "In order to be a great Leader,
you had to be a great Follower! You can't be one without the other!" With
thoughts on Love, Sometimes, Hard Times, Understanding, Locked Up, If
Only For a Day, and much, much more, Reed gives us a small sentence or
paragraph that give you a jumpstart on your day, or on your week.
In school, we used to have daily thoughts and that is just what this
book give us, daily thoughts, but "Deep Thoughts". I have found so many
uses for this book. I have torn pages and given to my children when I think they
need a push or a lesson. I have put pages up on my bulletin board in front
of me to keep me going, to keep me focused. I have printed and given copies
to friends and family. I keep the book close and read a page a day, when
I finish the book I start over again. I can't wait for the next installment of "Deep Thoughts".

This is a must read for parents, for business professionals, for
everyday people, for EVERYBODY. Pick it up. Read It and explore, not only the
book, but what's inside you.



Phillip Richard Reed was born in Jan 1961, and raised in Pittsburgh, PA he has three brothers and two sisters; he graduated from Penn Hill High School in 1979, he attended a trade school to be an Optician in Pittsburgh, Sept 1979 - Feb 1980 upon completion and after being awarded a certificate for completion he worked for Pearle Vision until he joined the Navy in May 1982. Phillip has been married for 18 years to Audrey and they share a beautiful teenage daughter named Jaslynn. He joined the military in 1982; in his years in the Navy he has traveled the world and seen many foreign ports to include Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, the UAE, and Singapore. He has spent most of his 23 years stationed in San Diego, he has been on six ships and spent 13 years on sea duty, and with these wonderful accomplishments he has attained the rank of Master Chief. He began to write about three years ago while stationed in Hawaii; it was a way for him to relax while thinking about life and pondering the way things are today. He was inspired by a close friend who told him he should write a book, which after reading some things thought he could help teach people and mold a new generation of readers in to being better adults, better people.

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