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Trial attorney Drew Smith, a solo practitioner, takes on shady clients solving cases fraught with danger and romantic intrigue. Through Sleepless Nights the urban legal wizard, while frolicking with an exotic dancer, succumbs to a midlife crisis. Haunted by nightmares foreshadowing an awakening reveals an empty life but Smith finds solace with therapist Ze Settles.
Smith is pressed into service when a vicious robbery leaves three dead and the city enraged. Drew Smith and his devoted sidekick Julio Mejia work to free his young client on the trail of a crazed gunman responsible for a growing body count. The gunman and the dancer combine forces to bring Smith down and Smith faces the fight of his life.

The Africans Who Wrote the Bible
by Nana Darkwah

This book contains the most fascinating revelations ever made about the Bible and the people of the Bible in the past two thousand years.


The Agreement by Roosevelt D Simmons

The Agreement by Roosevelt D Simmons
The Agreement by Roosevelt D Simmons Paperback: 212 pages Publisher: TNT Books, Inc. (November 13, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 0979158915
Item #: 0979158915


Wimbey's Corner is a novel centered in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois during the early 1940s.  Most of its characters reside in Wimbey's Corner, a small Black Evanston housing development owned by Eskeridge Wimbey, a wealthy Black man.  The book's principal characters are Eskridge Wimbey; Wayne Hunter, who moved to Chicago from Kentucky; Mackenzie Sweet who aspires to be the world's oldest Negro; Claude Bonfils, a prince of Chicago pimps; Electra Wenders, a single mother, and Tommy Brown, a sailor.  Much  of the book's tension arises from the question of whether Wayne is the  right kind of resident for the Corner, and how that question plays out  in the lives of the principal characters and other residents of Evanston and Chicago during WWII.


Manny Black fled the notorious streets of Colon, Panama as a deadly fugitive. With nothing but a plan to make it rich in the Big Apple, Manny used the power of his gun to pave his way. After crossing dangerous paths with a group of Cuban gangsters and meeting the love of his life, Manny becomes the leader of the M3 Boyz. Under the direction of his hotheaded brother Rico, the massive gang of hungry street soldiers reign terror on the East Coast until, the Marielitos, a Cuban organized crime family, puts things into a lethal mix of murder and mayhem. Their rags to riches story is filled with an inside look at urban love, treachery, and a passion for cash. With a host of characters that most men would idolize and many women want to love; this book finally provides the answer to that age old question... Does crime really pay?

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Robert Beck/Iceberg Slim Titles      
0870679325 978-0-87067-932-2 Airtight Willie & Me Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
0870679341 978-0-87067-934-6 Death Wish Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
0870679309 978-0-87067-930-8 LONG WHITE CON Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
0870679317 978-0-87067-931-5 MAMA BLACK WIDOW Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
0870679368 978-0-87067-936-0 NAKED SOUL OF ICEBERG SLIM Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
087067935X 978-0-87067-935-3 Pimp, The Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
0870679333 978-0-87067-933-9 Trick Baby Iceberg Slim  $       7.99  
Donald Goines Titles        
0870679848 978-0-87067-984-1 Black Gangster Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679856 978-0-87067-985-8 Black Girl Lost Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679864 978-0-87067-986-5 Crime Partners Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679872 978-0-87067-987-2 Cry Revenge Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870678973 978-0-87067-897-4 Daddy Cool Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679902 978-0-87067-990-2 Death List Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679384 978-0-87067-938-4 DOPEFIEND Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679961 978-0-87067-996-4 Eldorado Red Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679996 978-0-87067-999-5 Inner City Hoodlum Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870678833 978-0-87067-883-7 KENYATTA'S ESCAPE Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679449 978-0-87067-944-5 KENYATTA'S LAST HIT Donald Goines  $       7.99  
087067997X 978-0-87067-997-1 NEVER DIE ALONE Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870678841 978-0-87067-884-4 STREET PLAYERS Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679473 978-0-87067-947-6 SWAMP MAN Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679481 978-0-87067-948-3 WHITE MAN'S JUSTICE Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679716 978-0-87067-971-1 WHORESON Donald Goines  $       7.99  
0870679295 978-0-87067-929-2 Daddy Cool (Graphic) Donald Goines  $    9.95  
087067949X 978-0-87067-949-0 Donald Writes No More Eddie Stone  $       7.99  
Cole Riley Titles        
0870677462 978-0-87067-746-5 DARK BLOOD MOON Cole Riley  $       4.95  
0870678914 978-0-87067-891-2 HOT SNAKE NIGHTS Cole Riley  $       5.99  
Mama Detective Series        
0870677713 978-0-87067-771-7 MAMA SAVES A VICTIM Norah DeLoach  $       7.99  
0870679694 978-0-87067-969-8 MAMA SOLVES A MURDER Norah DeLoach  $       4.95  
0870678795 978-0-87067-879-0 MAMA STANDS ACCUSED Norah DeLoach  $       7.99  
0870677470 978-0-87067-747-2 MAMA TRAPS A KILLER Norah DeLoach  $       7.99  
Other Active Backlist Titles        
0870679414 978-0-87067-941-4 CASANOVA Giacomo Casanova  $  19.99  
0870679287 978-0-87067-928-5 COMING OF AGE Lorri Hewitt  $      5.99  
0870679406 978-0-87067-940-7 COMPLETE MARQUIS DE SADE Marquis de Sade  $    19.99  
087687507X 978-0-87687-507-0 SWEET SALT Raymond Locke  $      6.95  
0876875002 978-0-87687-500-1 THE BOOK OF THE NAVAJO Raymond Locke  $      8.95  
0870678655 978-0-87067-865-3 WHEN WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE Gloria Mallette  $       4.95  




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Islam and the   culture seek   Divinity's Magick   Hebrewisms   Til Death Do Us Part
Color Me Butterfly   A Little Bit Of Honey   Signs And   How I've Grown   The Invisible War
  Girl, Get That Child Support by Cathy Middleton   Hip Hop Decoded by Black Dot   Over Your Dead Body   Every Woman Needs a Wife, Naleighna Kai, 1593090609
On the shoulders of Giants   Girl, Get That Child Support by Cathy Middleton   Hip Hop Decoded by Black Dot   Over Your Dead Body   Every Woman Needs a Wife, Naleighna Kai
Caramel Flava, Zane   Dirty Red, Vickie M. Stringer, 0743493486   Do You Take This Woman, R. M. Johnson, 0743285190   Thug-A-Licious, Noire, 0345486919   Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, Fantasia, 0743282655
Caramel Flava by Zane   Dirty Red, Vickie M. Stringer   Do You Take This Woman, R. M. Johnson   Thug-A-Licious, Noire   Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, Fantasia
Hot Flashes, Nia Nandi "Niarotica"   The Aftermath, Anna J.   Whispers Between the Sheets, Victor McGlothin, 1583146431   Taken for Granted, Earl Sewell, 1583145540   Behind the Veil, Suzetta Perkins, 1593090633
Hot Flashes, Nia Nandi "Niarotica"   The Aftermath by Anna J.   Whispers Between the Sheets, Victor McGlothin   Taken for Granted, Earl Sewell   Behind the Veil, Suzetta Perkins
Literary Divas, Heather Covington, 0976773538   Jump at the Sun, Kim McLarin, 0060528494   Crabs in a Barrel, Byron Harmon, 1932841210   Diary of a Mistress, Miasha, 0743281594   The Other Brother, Brandon R. Massey, 075821071X
Literary Divas, Heather Covington   Jump at the Sun, Kim McLarin   Crabs in a Barrel, Byron Harmon   Diary of a Mistress, Miasha   The Other Brother, Brandon R. Massey
Around The Way Girls 3   Drama Is Her Middle Name   Like Sheep Gone Astray     Where Seduction, Power and Basketball Collide
Around The Way Girls 3 by Alisha Yvonne   Drama Is Her Middle Name by Wendy Williams   Like Sheep Gone Astray by Lesile J. Sherrod   Ten Things Every Black Man   Threesome by Brenda Thomas
Black Intellectuals Explore the Meaning of Hurricane Katrina   God Don't Play, Mary Monroe, 0758203462   My Name Is Not Angelica, Scott O'Dell, 0440403790   Broken China, Lori Aurelia Williams, 1416916180   The Last King of Scotland
After the Storm, David Dante Troutt   God Don't Play, Mary Monroe   My Name Is Not Angelica, Scott Dell   Broken China, Lori Aurelia Williams   Last King of Scotland
Giles Foden



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