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The Family II: Life After Death, Antonne M. Jones, 0966254139 The Family II: Life After Death

by Antonne M. Jones

ISBN: 0966254139
Published: 2005
Format: Paperback, 225pp
Price: $14.95

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The Family II: Life After Death - The sequel to The Family, A Philadelphia Mob Story

Excerpts from The Family II...

You're out of your mind Lauryn. You sound like a disgruntled and scorned Black woman and you need to get over it. You thought I was going to die in jail, didn't you? Now you're married to this loser and unhappy, so you take it out on me. You divorced me, three years after I got locked-up, remember?" 'You arrogant and shallow jerk. That's what you think this is all about? It has nothing to do with that. It has all to do with what you did in the past and how I'm paying the price for it now.' "What are you talking about?" 'I'm talking about living with HIV. You fool.' The moment she said that, the room got dark and everything seemed to stop. 'Yes, I'm living with HIV because you were out screwing all kinds of women without protection. I may die soon. Get out of my house! Get out!' She ushered me out the door and I just sat in the car stunned. I wasn't sure of what to say or do, or if Shatora had overheard the argument. She got in the car without asking what her mother and I were arguing about, so I gathered she wasn't listening. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy our outing because there were too many thoughts running through my mind. Was I infected with HIV? Whom did I get it from? Did I infect my wife? Should we get tested? My world had come to a thunderous halt. All this time, Lauryn was infected and never said anything, blew my mind. I always assumed HIV and AIDS was a gay man's disease, or only contracted by intravenous drug users. Not knowing what to do, I called Carmen and begged her to come home and promised to straighten up.

Following the advice of Sam, I decided to invest money in other areas. In particular, the entertainment business. I took a meeting with two brothers who wanted to start up a record label and artist management company, and wanted me to act as an investor and silent partner. They were ambitious and determined to be successful in the business and I liked their energy so I came on board. They know my reputation on the streets so they knew to come correct. Of all people, I was introduced to them by Eve, who I also invested in. She and renowned celebrity fashion stylist, Anthony Henderson, opened an upscale boutique on South Street in which I was also a silent partner.



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