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Loose Ends, Electa Rome Parks, 045121322X
Loose Ends

Electa Rome Parks

ISBN: 045121322X
Format: Paperback, 206pp
Pub. Date: November 2004
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
BBP Sales Rank: 133,389
List Price: $12.95
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Praised for its "cutting-edge dialogue, intriguing characters, and a spicy storyline,"* Electa Rome Parks's The Ties That Bind introduced a savagely honest look at modern romance. Now, in a back-to-back publishing event, Parks returns with her next novel of love and friendship and the betrayals of both-some forgiven, some never forgotten.

It's been five years since they trusted one another-and betrayed one another- only as friends and lovers could. Beautiful Mia, getting a second chance at love. Christian, who gave up his player card for the one woman he's not sure he can trust. And Brice, as irresistibly bad as ever. One woman can tame him-if he'd give her the chance: Kree, innocent but underestimated, and looking for the kind of passion that can change a life. When she finds it, it's going to come with a price. Sometimes, it doesn't take a lot to tear apart friends like these. All it takes is love.


You can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.
It's five years later. What happens when a former group of close friends reunite after years of separation due to a horrible incident of violence? They've all gone on with their lives. But a series of events is about to bring them together again. . . along with drama, scandal, betrayal and lust. Oh drama! Can we truly escape our past?

Meet the cast: Mia. Beautiful and sexy. Mia has learned that sometimes we get a second chance at love. However, there's only one true love. Can she forget HIM?

Christian. Handsome, charming, every woman's dream man. Years ago, Christian gave up his player card for love. His heart now belongs to only one woman; he'd literally die for her. Will she betray his trust?

Brice. The bad boy is back. . . handsome, arrogant, domineering and aggressive as ever. Brice has some serious, misguided opinions about women and their place in HIS world. In HIS household, HIS word is the law. Follow it or suffer the consequences. Has Brice finally found the woman who can tame him?

Kree. Innocent, stunning and underestimated. Kree's met the love of her life. However, there's a side to him that scares her. Kree loves him with everything she has. Is it enough?

So begins Loose Ends by Electa Rome Parks, a refreshing and exciting new voice in contemporary fiction. Sit back, relax and enjoy this steamy, provocative, fast-paced, roller coaster ride as you are reunited with some old familiar friends and introduced to some new, unforgettable ones. Hold on tight, as the road to friendship, love and relationships is sometimes bumpy and scandalous deeds may cause your stomach to flip flop at every unexpected turn. "Loose Ends" is the novel you've been waiting for!


Electa Rome Parks currently lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Nelson and two children, Brandon and Briana. With a BA degree in Marketing, she is presently employed by a major financial institution in Midtown. After years of keeping a diary, journaling, writing short stories and poems, The Ties That Bind, which is her first novel and Loose Ends, her second, were born. She is currently working on her third novel.

Electa Rome Parks has been writing ever since she remembers. "I developed a love, respect and appreciation for books at a very early age," states Parks. "I realized words were powerful, they could change lives, ideas, beliefs, your view of the world and yourself."

Parks iterates that writing has always been a hobby and that in writing, The Ties That Bind, she is walking out on faith. "Regardless of where this adventure takes me, I will always write," states Parks. "Writing is my therapy. It clears out all of the clutter of everyday living."




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