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Across Time: Love Eternal
An Adventure with Beginnings in Ancient Africa
Author: O. J. Harp, III

ISBN: 1-59232-072-4
Format: Hardcover, 320pp, 2nd edition
Publication Date: December, 2005
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $24.95



The novel is an exciting, fanciful tale reminiscent of such classic stories as the Wizard of Oz, as well as the more recent cinema blockbusters Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. It is a fictional story of a 5,000 year old Egyptian mummy, brought back to life through cloning by an eccentric scientist named Dr. Dibell and his two assistants: the beautiful Ms. Venus and the mechanical rapping, dancing bot R7.

It begins in sub-Saharan Africa 110 million B.C., with a prehistoric crocodile of enormous proportions: Flesh Crocodile Emperor. This ten ton crocodilian beast was as large as a yellow school bus. It attacked huge dinosaurs, with its four foot long jaws and with over a hundred bone-crushing teeth.
The novel quickly moves on to 1100 B.C., a time when the Great Sphinx was carved by a mysterious African race of people, the Anu, who eventually become the founders of ancient Egypt (Kemet). Through the use of an ancient miraculous device, which summons a vicious time storm, the Anu become Time Trotters. They travel from the dawn of civilization to the present time to recover stolen ancient Egyptian artifacts. If they fail, the future of humankind will contain the ultimate evil-worldwide slavery. In the present time the Anu intermingle with present day people and school-aged kids.

Much of the drama of the story involves the relationship between two impassioned lovers, who also travel from the distant past to the present time and rediscover the memory of their love, which was lost as a result of traveling in the vastness of time. In essence, their love is so strong it lasts across time, a reference from which the title of the book is derived.  Their love must survive not only amnesia, but also the love intentions of various rivals, and the aggressive pursuit of the cloned ancient pharaoh:  Ramesses the Great.
The lovers are guided by an ancient priest and scientist named Imhotep, who in the time of the great pharaohs designed and was the chief architect of the first pyramid in Egypt.  Since most of the characters desperately seek to recover their lost memories, the novel is largely a metaphor for self-discovery.
It is a mesmerizing tale for anyone in search of their own identity and, in essence, who they really are!



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