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  • ISBN 0967460174
  • SBI Publication
  • Romance

Zoe Reynard has it all. A successful business, a devoted husband, three beautiful children and a loving protecting mother.  Yet and still, Zoe feels like something major is missing in her life because Zoe is addicted to sex.  Addicted traces Zoe's life from the time she first meets her husband Jason in the fifth grade, falls in love with him over a game of Twister in the eighth grade, loses her virginity to him in high school and eventually marries him. Everything seems perfect in Zoe's life to her friends and family as she secretly deals with serious problems in her marriage.  After failing to get Jason to open up to her sexually.  Zoe becomes involved in not one, not two, but three extramarital affairs. By the time she seeks the aid of a prominent female African-American therapist, the walls of her picture perfect life have already started to crumble. The book shifts into high hear as Zoe finds out that everyone from her lovers to her husband to own mother are hiding secrets of their own. Zoe discovers, under hypnosis secrets of her own that she had buried deeply in the crevices of her mind. The book comes to a head on a cold dark mountain following a trail of homicides.  The true murderer is anybody's guess because they are all ultimately guilty of something. Addicted does for women what Fatal Attraction did for men.  It will make a woman think twice before risking it all.

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