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Ancient Greece

  The Spartans
Paul Cartledge
$27.95 / Hardcover



  • 1-58567-402-8

The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece

The Spartans of ancient Greece were powerful and unique people, radically different from any civilization before or since: a society of warrior-heroes who were the living exemplars of such core values as self-sacrifice, community endeavor, and achievement against all odds - qualities that today signify the ultimate heroism. So much so, in fact, that scholar acknowledge that Thomas More probably has Sparta centrally in mind when, in 1516, he coined the term "Utopia." The Spartans also epitomized the adjective "laconic" and during the battle of Thermopylae, when the three hundred Spartan warriors were told that there were enough archers on the Persian side to block out the sun with their missiles, Dances, one of the three hundred, is said to have replied, "So much the better - we shall fight in the shade."

In The Spartans, which resounds with the battle cries of the ancient Greeks, he engagingly examines how, despite the high value placed on masculine ideals, the Spartans nevertheless allowed women an unusually dominant and powerful role, and takes a compelling look at the many illustrious Spartan figures who bestride the world of history and legend.


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