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Candy Don't Come In Gray
Roslyn Carrington
$14.00 / Paperback

ISBN 1-57566-852-1



From the Publisher:

Roslyn Carrington, acclaimed author of A Thirst for Rain and Every Bitter Thing Sweet, returns to Trinidad for the masterful story of two sensitive, spirited young people and the powerful man who shapes them both.

Mattie Dinkins lives her life surrounded by mirrors-not for vanity's sake, but to assure herself she is real. The illegitimate, velvet-dark daughter of Dominic Evers, a prominent, pass-for-white businessman, Mattie sees her father once a week when he visits the candy store she works in. His denial of her every other day of the week cuts so keenly that she is afraid that one day she will simply disappear.

Jonah Reyes was saved from a life of poverty by a scholarship to an elite private school-and by the prosperous man who took an interest in him. Raised in Dominic Evers' home, the light-skinned, half-Spanish Jonah became the man's surrogate son, his protégé, and finally his business partner and son-in-law when he marries Dominic's legitimate daughter, Justice.

Mattie and Jonah's first meeting at Dominic's funeral thrusts them on an emotional odyssey of discovery, ecstasy, and sorrow. For only together will they learn that they are more than mere reflections of Dominic Evers-free to choose who they are, who they will become.and who they will love.



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