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Clarence Thomas: A Biography
by Andrew Peyton Thomas

In this unauthorized biography, the most authoritative ever written about the controversial Supreme Court Justice, Andrew Peyton Thomas (no relation) explores Clarence Thomas' remarkable rise from a childhood of poverty in segregated Georgia to the nation's highest court. In his attempt to understand what drives the elusive and sometimes enigmatic Justice, the author located and conducted the first-ever interview with Clarence Thomas' father, as well as interviews with his mother, sister, and other relatives and friends. He follows Thomas up from Jim Crow and traces the important decisions of his youth-why he chose not to become a Catholic priest, why he engaged in radical protests as a college student. We see Clarence Thomas in the full as a young lawyer in Missouri and then as a rising star in Washington.
       Published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Thomas' confirmation hearings, this dramatic biography offers new insights into the conflict with Anita Hill that made Clarence Thomas a household name-and inflicted deep scars on him that endure to this day. The author draws on insights supplied by former Supreme Court clerks and interviews with Washington insiders like former President George Bush and Court colleague Antonin Scalia in his exploration of Thomas' life and jurisprudence over the last decade.
       Clarence Thomas peels away all the clichés about its subject in giving us a vivid and balanced account of a remarkable American life.


Andrew Peyton Thomas is a graduate of the Harvard Law School, and was a legal assistant for the Boston NAACP. He has written for the Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard, National Review, and other publications, and is the author of Crime and the Sacking of America: The Roots of Chaos. Mr. Thomas lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and three children.


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