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Gloria Mallette:   BBP's Lady of Promise           

Until I started to write full-time, it seems, according to my husband, Arnold, that I had no passion for anything.  Although I always worked and had good jobs, I hated working for others.  I always felt unfulfilled---like something was missing. It appears that something was writing. Writing fills my soul and sets my mind ablaze with creativity. I am most alive when my characters take the story from me and tell me who they are and what they have to say.  Readers tell me that my characters seem so real---they are. Their voices, their personalities are fuller than the printed word on a page, and I thank God for that.

    Now that my husband and I have adopted five-year old Jared, my desire to continue to write is fed by my wish to leave something for him beyond a picture in a frame. I want to leave my writings for generations to read.  - Gloria Mallette for BBP


  1. Weeping Willows Dance

  2. Distant Lover

  3. Promises to Keep

  4. The Honey Well



Gloria Mallette's first novel, When We Practice to Deceive, was published in November 1995 by Holloway House Publishing Company while she was employed part‑time as a Federal Perkins Loan Coordinator at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. One year later Gloria resigned her position to pursue writing full‑time. However, by 2000, with five manuscripts and several rejection letters from major publishing houses in her file cabinet, with a nudge from her husband, Gloria stepped timidly onto the self‑publishing track.

In April of 2000, Gloria self-published Shades of Jade and within the first three weeks, she sold out of her first print run of 2,000 copies. By July, Gloria was in her third print run of 5,000 copies, when Strivers Row, a Random House imprint, expressed interest in republishing Shades of Jade. That edition was published in June of 2001. Gloria sold a total of 13,000 copies of Shades of Jade on her own.

Since Shades of Jade was initially published by Gloria Mallette, it has made several best sellers lists, including Black Board, Essence Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post/Washington is Also Reading listing, and Upscale Magazine.

Gloria has been featured in The New York Daily News (December 2000), USAToday (September 2001) and has had a novella, Come Tomorrow, featured on the USAToday website. Along with numerous reviews in national magazines and newspapers, Gloria has enjoyed numerous radio and television interviews. 

To her credit, Gloria now has several titles, including The Honey Well, Promises to Keep,  Weeping Willows Dance, Shades of Jade, and When We Practice to Deceive. Her sixth title, Distant Lover, will be released October 2004 under Kensington Publishing.

Gloria and her husband, Arnold, along with their son, Jared, are long‑time residents of Brooklyn, New York.

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