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Hairlocking - Everything you need to know: African, Dread & Nubian Locks


Nekhena Evans






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Hair Care


Everything You Need to Know is one of the few books ever published and currently available on locked hair care, its history and its impact on self-esteem and self awareness.




One interesting quote from this book is the following:

"It is within the Afrocentric context that we say with assurance that hair is alive, particularly hair that is coiled. We can look at the living fibers that cover the earth such as trees and grass, as evidence that hair is alive. These elements are living, connected interdependent parts of ecology. These fibers are alive and organic like your hair. They require the basic cosmic food of the universe, the four elements: air, fire (sunshine) and water (moisture); you are the earth element. Your hair requires these too. Hair also responds to atmospheric conditions of the weather and seasons. For example, winter weather usually requires that you oil your coiled hair more because it dried out. Hair also acts as a natural biofeedback system, responding to stress, thoughts, emotions, and internal dietary states. Healthy hair requires a holistic approach, proper diet, positive diet, positive thoughts and loving emotions. God gave people of African ancestry two very important gifts. These gifts allow us to absorb energies from the universe and be in greater harmony with it. They are the melanin in our skin and the coil in our hair. You are blessed with a body that can enhance your ability to absorb light, information, sound, nature, or simply put-life. People of African ancestry have an extra facility of telecommunication ability and power because we are blessed with an airtight coiling system (antennae) at our crowns, our pinnacle. Coiled hair in conjunction with melanated skin makes the entire body a vehicle of absorption and perception. It can transmit and store knowledge from outside and within. We, Black people, are in a deep spiritual realm.So don't let anyone fool you. Your so-called kinky, nappy, peasy, picky, knotty hair is not dead. It is alive and it is a special blessing to you from the Creator.



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