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Halloween once again...TRICK OR TREAT  


Sheena Morgan pad

ISBN 0764122223
Ritual and Magic for the New Millennium

From the Publisher:

Most Halloween books are for kids, but here's one that adults will enjoy, too! Filled with vivid, atmospheric color photos and illustrations, The Real Halloween opens with a fascinating history of Halloween's past and changing traditions. It's an overview of the holiday from ancient times to the present, shedding light on sacrificial pagan rituals, describing the medieval autumn religious festival, and concluding with the modern secular holiday's goblins, ghosts, costumes, and trick-or-treat rituals. Part Two takes readers to the present time, putting the emphasis on fun. It's a collection of games, crafts, recipes, and treats for Halloween party time. It also includes ideas for making jack-o'-lanterns, and presents recipes for pumpkin pie that everybody will love. The book's third and final section is a whimsical look into the future, with fortune-telling methods that use autumn leaves, nuts, cakes, and mirrors. It also features directions for making several magic charms, including "love apples" to keep romantic relationships sweet. Approximately 100 full-color illustrations.

Creepy Castle
Marie-Laure Mantoux etal


ISBN: 0764116258
Imaginative Holiday Ideas

Witches on broomsticks, pumpkins and masks...spiders and bats and hissing black cats! Halloween might be European in origin, but nowadays the best and the most imaginative Halloween partying takes place on this side of the Atlantic! Here's the ultimate idea book for Halloween fun. If you're a parent hosting a party for your kids-or if you're old enough to host your own party-you'll find page after page of instructions for making masks and costumes, jack-o-lanterns, indoor decorations for party rooms, and outdoor decorations for yards. You'll also find quick and easy recipes for Halloween party cakes and other food treats.-And if you're looking for something more elaborate than a Halloween mask to go with that costume, you'll love the face-painting ideas that show how to make a cat face, a vampire face, a pumpkin face, a witch's face, and the sinister face of the mistress of a haunted house.


Spooky Abc
Eve Merriam
Illustrated by Lane Smith
$16.95 / 32 pages / Hardcover

ISBN: 0689853564
Simon & Schuster 2002
Scary Godmother
Jill Thompson

ISBN 1579890156
Sirius Entertainment
Trick or Treat
Stan & Han Berenstain

ISBN 0679800913
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
Steven Kroll
illus. Jeni Bassett

ISBN 0590464639

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