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How to Kill your Loved Ones with Food and Get Away with It

How To Kill Your Loved Ones With Food, And Get Away with It!

Errol Stanford, PH.D., N.D.



This book is really How we kill our loved ones with food and get away with it. The information in this book will change your relationship with food and will transform your eating habits entirely. Heart disease is not hereditary, but a result of our eating habits and lack of exercise and care from our childhood.

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  • This book will amaze. It will help you to understand ailments that you've had for years. It will help you rid your self of elements of ill-health that have plagued you for years. Never connected a disturbed connection with a bowl of white rice? Never connected a cold with a spoon of white sugar? Never understood how drinking water and eating fruits could literally prolong your life and make you look better at the same time? This book will open your eyes and could change your life.


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