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Inventing the AIDS Virus
Peter H. Duesberg


Regnery Publishing, Inc.

Current Affairs/Science/Non-Fiction

HIV does not cause AIDS . . .

AIDS is not sexually transmitted . . .

AZT makes AIDS worse, not better . . .

o argues Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world's leading microbiologists, a pioneer in the discovery of the HIV family of viruses, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Duesberg's evidence - revealed in top scientific journals but kept out of the mainstream press - raises questions the AIDS research establishment has so far declined to answer:

         If HIV causes AIDS, why have thousands of AIDS victims never had HIV?

         Why have hundreds of thousands who have had HIV - for many years - remained perfectly healthy?

         Why does the discoverer of the HIV virus now claim it can not be the sole cause of AIDS?

         Why has more than ten years of AIDS research - costing tens of billions of dollars - failed to show how (or even if) HIV causes AIDS or attacks the immune system?

With annual federal funding at more than $7 billion, AIDS research is better funded than any other disease - including cancer.  Yet it has produced the least results.  Why?  Duesberg explains how the lure of money and prestige, combined with powerful political pressures, have tempted to otherwise responsible scientists to overlook - even suppress - major flaws in current AIDS theory. 

The answer?  Not more funding for more flawed research.  Instead start with an open airing of all the facts and failures, then determine the real cause of the disease. 

This book does both.  For Duesberg's solution to the AIDS mystery is as convincing as his critique of the HIV theory - and could save hundreds of thousands of lives at risk today."


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