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Sample Cover Linden Hills
Gloria Naylor

ISBN 0140088296

Penguin Books

"There are other black communities with showcase homes and elegant lawns, but somehow making it into Linden Hills means "making it."  Although no one knows what the precise qualifications are, everyone knows that only certain people get to live there - and that they want to be among them.

Once people get to Linden Hills, the quest continues, more subtle but equally fierce:  the goal is a house on Tupelo Drive, the epitome of achievement and visible success.  No one notices that the property on Tupelo Drive goes back on sale quickly; no one questions why there are always vacancies at Linden Hills.

In a novel that resonates with mythical allusions and sings in the voice of contemporary America, Gloria Naylor reveals the truth about the American dream - and the damage it wreaks upon the soul."



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