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Mama Flora's Family


ISBN 0684834715
Non Fiction

At every stop people got on board, and Willie saw countless replays of his own leaving of home, young men - it was almost always young men - saying good-bye to their families.  By the time they crossed the state line the car was full, and Willie thought himself a veteran.  Already he had begun to see a difference between those going North for the first time - the hicks, the country boys, dowdy in their simple Sunday suits compared with older men who had, Willie guessed, lived in Chicago and wore a peacock finery.  It made him nervous.

He slept for a while, but kept waking, his mind filled with the things Taylor and others had told him, of life in the big city, and the traps that awaited a young man there, and the wonders.  He made a mental list of the places he would visit- the shops on Forty-seventh Street, the Regal Theater, with its movies and live shows, and the Savoy Ballroom.  What amazed him, and comforted him most, was that all these places were black. He tried to be sophisticated, but the country kept breaking through.


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