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Monroe S. Tarver :

is a Graphic artist living in North Carolina. His first children's book features magical characters and a classic good-versus-evil storyline sure to appeal to kids of all ages! Written and illustrated by Monroe.

"Growing up in the U.S., most kids do not have good, magical characters to identify with and learn from that are of different races and cultures. "When I was a kid, I wanted to have my own Disney characters, so in a way that's what I've finally done with this book."

Monroe first designed the characters for a coloring book. The story of "Imaga and the Magic Pearls," is about a dark-skinned elf princess who is given a magic pearl to protect her. When Imaga is tricked in going to the evil queen Baddora's castle, she barely escapes. Baddora, determined to get Imaga's magic pearl, follows her.


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