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Overcoming Loneliness in Everyday Life
Jacqueline Olds, M.D., Richard Schwartz, M.D., and Harriet Webster


Birch Lane Press - Carol Publishing Group


"American culture is rooted in a belief in individualism and a distaste for dependency.   As a result, many of us feel disconnected and isolated.  Afraid that others will be put off by our neediness, we are intent on proving that we can make it on our own.  In doing so, we cut ourselves off from others and intensify our loneliness.  We are so ashamed of to admit we feel lonely that we hide away our feelings of emptiness and masquerade as busy, self-sufficient individuals.

Drawing on their own experience as psychotherapists and the latest studies in this field, the authors of Overcoming Loneliness in Everyday Life identify the risks of chronic loneliness that affects millions of people, describes its causes and effects, and explain how to overcome the state of aloneness and the despair it can engender."

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