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Rip Van Winkle

Washington Irving




ISBN 0688074596
Books of Wonder

"Washington Irving's masterpiece has entranced readers for over 165 years, and though many artists have illustrated this classic, none has so perfectly captured the mysterious adventures of Rip and the boisterous crew of Dutchmen as the great American artist N.C. Wyeth.  In ten richly colored paintings and twenty-six vivid line drawings, Wyeth brilliantly recreated the world of eighteenth-century life in the Catskill Mountains.

Join henpecked farmer Rip Van Winkle as he escapes to the hills for a day of hunting.  There he meets a strange dwarf and later a group of men playing ninepins.  But when Rip drinks from their keg a few times, he falls into a deep sleep and wakes to find his beard full-grown and white, his wife gone, his daughter grown and married, and the whole country changed by the Revolution."

Encyclopedia Brown
Donald J. Sobol




ISBN 0553157248

A Skylark Book

"A Civil War sword . . .

A Watermelon stabbing . . .

Missing roller skates . . .

A trapeze artist's inheritance . . .

And an eyewitness who's legally blind!

These are just some of the ten brain-twisting mysteries that Encyclopedia Brown must solve by using his famous computer like brain.  Try to crack cases along with him - the answers to all the mysteries are found in the back!"



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