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Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out
Patricia Evans
1st edition 265 pages Paperback

From the author of The Verbally Abusive Relationship
If your partner: seems irritated or angry at you several times a week; denies being angry when he clearly is; does not work with you to resolve important issues; rarely or never seems to share thoughts or plans with you; or tells you that he has no idea what you're talking about when you try to discuss important problems.you need this book.


"A groundbreaking new book" -Newsweek

"This is a new day in America; the most important thing is to realize that you don't deserve to be treated that way."       -Oprah Winfrey

"A significant contribution to the literature on domestic violence. Victims of verbal abuse, their families, and community professionals called upon for assistance will find this book a valuable alternative."
                        -Rollie Mullin, Executive Director; 
                         Battered Women's Alternatives



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