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The World According to Gore

by Debra Saunders

$6.95 / paperback
When Al Gore took credit for helping invent the Internet, it was not the first story he told. There was also the claim that he and Tipper had inspired Love Story; the insistence after his sister's death of lung cancer that he would fight smoking "until his last breath," when in fact he continued to cash checks from family tobacco holdings; the "no controlling legal authority" fiasco; and other tall tales.

In The World According to Gore, nationally syndicated columnist Debra Saunders sees Gore's attempt to create a more exciting self as consistent with his attempts to prove himself as a "cutting edge" diagnostician of our social ills. "Whether posing as the eco-guru battling 'consumptionism'," she writes, "or the social theorist with a 'Livability Agenda' calling for federally sanctioned communities, attacking the automobile as the scourge of civilization, and proposing universal pre-school, Al Gore is a unique figure on our political scene."

As one critic remarked after reading the first few chapters of The World According to Gore, "Saunders gets inside Gore's head and takes the reader on a fascinating tour of a man, who, for all his supposed dullness, is the quirkiest politician in America today."

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