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Manifesto of a Black Man: Black Nationalism Manifesto of a Black Man: Black Nationalism

Maximilian Press Staff (Editor), Latif Tarik, Letitia Lee (Illustrator)

ISBN: 1930211600
Format: Paperback, 81pp

List Price: $12.95

    click to enlarge Distributed by www.seaburn.com


Manifesto of A Black Man-Black Nationalism is a self-published book by Latif Tarik. This book addresses issues that affect African-Americans and all of American society. By the grace of God I am using my gifts as a teacher, mentor, and skills as a former army officer to convey a needed message to all generations of Americans. This is my manifesto!

I firmly believe that colonialism is the foundation of most African-American problems in contemporary America. In my book I do not blame anyone for the problems of African-Americans today, but I do provide a great amount of historical research that show the trends of problems that have permeated the black community from one generation to the next. Dr. Naim Akbar a Black psychologist once said, Black people have inherited the insane mind of the past generation. My book will help America and Black America take a conscious stance towards understanding the dysfunction that results from racism, sexism, poverty, MIS-education, crime, religion, Hip Hop Culture, and government policies. Each generation of Americans have a responsibility in educating the unconscious masses. My manifesto is a wake up call to the current generation of youth and young adults in America.

I wrote this manifesto in the format of ten essays for easy reading. The essays are not long and the entire book can be read in a short sitting. Here is an excerpt from my book Manifesto of A Black Man-Black Nationalism, Marcus Garvey once stated; History is the landmark by which we are directed into the true course of life.

Let the record reflect that the United States government does not have a need for the Black man except to die in combat to protect white men overwhelming need to oppress the indigenous people of the world. The Blackman has fought in every campaign from the French and Indian War to the current day occupation of Iraq. Despite our prove efforts, as a race of people in America, and around the world, we do not share the benefits of fighting in foreign lands where the people of those countries have never done anything to Africans living in America.

Black brothers and sisters we need to wake up and make better choices. There hasn't been a military draft in forty years so who is making us serve in the devils brigade? We have to reconstruct our thinking and begin to understand that the might of America are not her powerful guns but the true power lies with those who chose to shoot them. The following excerpt came from the essay entitled, The BlackmanT Drive To Maintain Freedom For Those Who Enslaved US. I will leave you with a quote from historian Manning Marble, Black awareness is the essential beginning step in creating a framework for understanding and accomplishing the educational and political work that values our own heritage and knowing something about ourselves.



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