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Price: $14.95
Paperback - 176 Pages
ISBN#: 0970222467

- BBP Special $12.95


Price: $14.95
Paperback - 200 Pages
ISBN# 0972751912

- BBP Special $12.95
THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN'S GUIDE TO GREAT SEX, HAPPINESS & MARITAL BLISS, the Nations #1 Relationship Book for Women of Color Tells You Everything You Need To Know about How to Make Your Marriage Last a Lifetime.

The African-American Woman's Guide to Great Sex, Happiness and Marital Bliss stresses the importance of being understood and accepted for who we are; and reminds us that no matter how good our relationship is, the passion always makes it better. You'll learn how to hold onto the passion that keeps things sizzling in your love life and you'll be reminded that the backbone of a strong passionate marriage is honesty. Above all, no matter how much you love each other or want to keep your passion alive, it will never survive if you don't put forth the effort to find time for "loving". With this in mind, the author gives great relationship tips and advice in the more than thirty very informative chapters, such as: Enhance Your Sex Appeal, Communicating In Lovemaking, Thirteen Secrets To Sizzling Passion and 72 Ways to Love Your Lover. According to Ms. Lewis (Jones), "Most of us get married for love and expect our union to last a lifetime, and we should expect that. So, it's perfect when you finally end up with that one special someone. I hope that, after reading The African-American Woman's Guide to Great Sex, Happiness and Marital Bliss, you'll be closer to that reality." The book also includes advice from leading relationship professionals Dr. Grace Cornish and Dr. Joyce Brothers.
  THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE is the internationally acclaimed national best-seller and the ultimate styling guide for every bride of color who wants to look and feel her best on that Perfect Wedding Day.

You'll find everything you need to create an everlasting fashion statement. THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE individualizes your visual statement and style with instructions on creating a cohesive, elegant wedding. It is the only comprehensive style guide for brides of color. Whether your wedding is formal, informal, Afrocentric or traditional, THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE will show you how to choose your wedding style. You'll learn how to select the best bridal gown and silhouette that will enhance your shape and flatter your figure. THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE shows you how to adorn your wedding gown with ethnic elegance, such as: colorful beads, cowrie shells and embroidery. It's all here! From organizing your bridesmaid's dresses with the right colors and silhouettes and choosing headpieces, headbands, beads, wraps and crowns that flatter your face and complement your dress. THE AFROCENTRIC BRIDE, featuring the Therez Fleetwood Bridal Collection has shown thousands and thousands of women how to successfully present their Perfect Wedding Day.
  ISBN# 0-9702224-6-7
Publisher: Amber Books
  ISBN# 0-9727519-1-2
Publisher: Amber Books


Price: $14.95
Paperback - 176 Pages
ISBN#: 0970222467

- BBP Special $12.95


Price: $14.95
Paperback - 170 Pages
ISBN#: 0970222483

- BBP Special $12.95
  BEAUTIFUL BLACK HAIR - REAL SOLUTIONS TO REAL PROBLEMS - A Step-By-Step Instructional Guide is the #1 African-American Hair Care Book in the Nation.
It is the classic guide that has the answers to all your questions about the care of your hair whether it is natural, relaxed or color-treated. Written by Shamboosie, a twenty-year veteran of the hair care industry BEAUTIFUL BLACK HAIR TEACHES you everything you need to know about: growing your hair long and healthy, stopping your hair from breaking overnight, getting rid of dryness and preventing it forever, applying chemical relaxer properly with no burning ever, choosing the best conditioners for your hair and using a daily maintenance program for maximum effectiveness. Chapters include: Hair: What is It? / It's Growing: Understanding Hair Growth / Beautiful Brown Babies: Children's Hair Care Solutions / The Care Package: Real Solutions That Really Work / Stop The Breakage: Putting an End to Dry Brittle Hair / It's A Natural Thing: Natural Hair, Extensions, Weaves and Wigs / Great Looking Hair Anywhere: How to Have Hair That Looks Great All The Time / The Color of Hair / The System #1: The Sodium Hydroxide Conditioning Lye Relaxer / The System #2 - Using Marcel Irons, Pressing, and Curling with a Gentle Touch / Getting it Together: Rethinking the Hair Care Routine

HOW TO GET RICH WHEN YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHING, THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN GUIDE TO GAINING AND BUILDING WEALTH, the nation's #1 Personal Finance and Money Management Book for African-Americans, teaches you everything you need to know about: Planning Your Future Wealth, Financing a Car or a Second Mortgage, Becoming an Entrepreneur, The Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Finding a Financial Advisor and How to Buy Insurance.
Written by Melvin B. Miller, a Harvard and Columbia Law School Graduate and Publisher of the Bay State Banner (Boston's Black Weekly Newspaper). HOW TO GET RICH tells you and your family how to assess what you have, understand what you want, and know what you need, from buying a new car, new home, and sending your children to college. Miller gives you his easy-to-follow basic plan for "Getting Rich" and teaches you everything you need to know about SAVING and INVESTING. This Comprehensive book has more than 500 listings of State Directors of Adult Education, State Employment Agencies, Federal Employment Information Centers, State Government Personnel Agencies, Franchise Directories, Minority Business Development Centers, Mutual Fund Families, Regional Securities, Exchange Commission Offices and Financial Planners. Chapters include: How Much is Rich? / The Basic Plan / The Numbers Game / They See You Coming / Income / Mr. And Mrs. Incorporated / Finding the Job / Entrepreneur / Saga of the Entrepreneur / The Hidden Enemy / Asset Management / The Next Generation / Strategy for Success / The Mutual Fund / Insurance / Your Financial Advisor

Publisher: Amber Books
Publisher: Amber Books

Price: $14.95
Paperback - 200 Pages
ISBN#: 0970222408
- BBP Special $12.95

by Rebecca Enyia
Price: $14.95
Paperback - 200 Pages
ISBN#: 0970222424
- BBP Special $12.95
  "THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN TRAVEL GUIDE TO HOT, EXOTIC & FUN-FILLED PLACES" , A NATIONAL BEST-SELLER includes over 60 pictures of hot, exotic and fun-filled places and lets you explore magical and historical landmarks through the author's eyes.
Go first class with Jon Haggins to the BEST HOTELS, the BEST RESTAURANTS, the BEST BEACHES and the MOST SCENIC LOCATIONS in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the Fiji Islands. After reading this Best-Selling Travel Guide, you'll feel as if you've personally been to each country and mingled with the locals. Haggins teaches you all about the cultures and traditions of the people in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and South Pacific. You will Explore the Flavor of Several Selected countries in the Intriguing Worlds of Africa, Brazil and other Exotic Destinations while Walking the Lush Beaches and Historical Paths in Gambia, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Senegal, Brazil, Fiji and the Caribbean. You'll travel to Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, where everything is larger than life; Carnival with Jon in Baja, Dance the Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Shop at Midnight in Morocco, Cruise the Nile; Tour the Temples; Journey to the Valley of the Kings and Queens and Tour the Museum of Antiquities. Chapters include: Preparations for Travel / Tips for Finding Tour Operators / Travel Insurance, Inoculations, Health and Safety Tips / Special Interest Tours / Ivory Coast: Black and Proud / Dakar, Senegal: The Motherland / The Exotic Islands of Fiji / Adventures in Puerto Rico / Roots in the Gambia - A Land Filled With History and Art / Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs, Kings and Queens / The Magic and Mystery of Morocco / Adventures in South Africa / Black Heritage in Brazil / Uruguay: The Land of Dreams / Ecuador - Cosmopolitan Cities of Ecuador / with more than 200 Listings of Embassies and Consulates, Departments of Tourism, Airlines and Cruise lines, Hotels and Resorts and Convention Centers
  THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN JOB SEEKER'S GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL EMPLOYMENT-Employment Skills for the 21st Century, the nation's #1 employment guide for African-Americans, offers you a roadmap to successful employment in your chosen career, giving you resume-writing tips and interview techniques.
This best-selling all-intensive guide has over 300 Listings of State Government Jobs, U.S. Offices of Personnel Management and State Employment Agencies. Written by Rebecca Enyia, who has already shown thousands of African-Americans how to fill out a job application, do a winning job interview, negotiate a salary, evaluate job benefits and dress for success. You'll discover your personal strengths and weaknesses with step-by-step instructions, determine the best way to describe yourself and your potential job skills and learn how to find the perfect job. Complete with Checklists, Self-Evaluation Worksheets, Goal Setting Charts, Sample Resumes, and Winning Cover letters, THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN JOB SEEKER'S GUIDE will teach you everything you need to know about: How to find and Keep a Job, How to Set Goals for your Career Moves, How to Make Money and Be Successful; How to Network for a Job - who to ask, what to say and how to follow up, How to Be the Best in Your Job; How to Take Action. THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN JOB SEEKER'S GUIDE will teach you the dos and don'ts for the new employee and the distinct qualities of successful people. It is a must for everyone who makes less than $30,000 a year - or if you are simply looking for a new job. Chapters include: Self-Assessment Profile / Types of Job Skills / You and Your Resume / The Job Search Plan / Telephone Communication Tools / Your Cover letter / Dress for Success / Stress Management / The Job Application / The Interview Process / How to Evaluate Job Offers / Your First week at Your New job / Job Retention Techniques / Distinct Qualities of Successful people / Making Wishes Come True / Job Hunting - Using the Internet / The Job Search Quiz
Publisher: Amber Books
Publisher: Amber Books

by Debrah Harris-Johnson
Price: $14.95
Paperback: 368 Pages
ISBN #: 0965506444
- BBP Special $12.95


By Kandias CondaPrice: $14.95
Paperback: 220 Pages
ISBN #: 0965506452

- BBP Special $12.95
  THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGERS GUIDE TO PERSONAL GROWTH, HEALTH, SAFETY , SEX AND SURVIVAL - Living and Learning in the 21st Century by Debrah Harris-Johnson is the nation's #1 Self-Help book for African-American Teenagers and Their Parents.
In this book, you will find information to help you make the right decisions and handle situations completely on your own. It will bring parents and teenagers together in planning a healthy and successful future. THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGERS GUIDE will teach you the value of time and responsibility in relation to your family, friends, classmates, teachers, associates and yourself. You'll learn the right way to change frightening situations to enlightening situations. Discover who you really are and learn to understand yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually and how to use your attributes in a positive way. You'll be able to organize yourself and handle money matters, including planning, earning and saving toward your college expenses. THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGERS GUIDE will answer your questions about sex, pregnancy, dating, rape, gangs, homosexuality, friendship, peer pressure and depression. It's all here in this 368 page book - from survival to personal growth. Chapters include: "Take a Closer Look at Yourself", "Think Healthy","Take Control of Your Time", "Learn Survival Skills", "Become a More Responsible Family Member","Associate with "Positive Friends", "Avoid Negative Activities"," Think Safety", "Study Seriously", "Expand Your College Consciousness", "Search Carefully for Work", "Cook Carefully"," Be a More Informed Teen Parent" and "Coping with Same Sex Choices"
  The national bestseller GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS - Breaking Your Talented Child into the Entertainment Industry The African-American Parents Step-by-Step Guide to Show Business Success was written by Kandias Conda, an entertainment industry consultant.
This comprehensive step-by-step beginners guide helps parents who want to get their talented child into show business by understanding the rules and seeking out the best opportunities. GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS brings you face to face with all the key players in the entertainment industry, listing more than 1000 Agents; Casting Directors; Commercial, Television and Film Production Companies; State Labor Offices; Trade Publications and Industry Websites. You'll get expert advice about Contracts, Resumes, Legal and Business Requirements and learn how to prepare your child for interviews. It's all here in this 220 page book - from taking the right pictures to handling your child's finances! The entertainment industry can be big business, but before you put your child into the arena, be sure that he or she has what it takes. The right personality and lots of patience are key components. GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS FILMS spells it all out - from A to Z. Chapters include: Famous Child Stars Past and Present; Is My Child Ready for TV?; Getting An Agent; Tools of the Trade; The Jobs and Opportunities; Auditions, Castings, Callbacks; Zeroing in On Your Target; Joining the Unions; The Money Matters; It's About Business; Have A Life!; For Parents Only!; Exploring Other Talent Opportunities and Do's & Don'ts. You shouldn't get your child started in the business until you've read "Cutie" from cover to cover. GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS has been featured by the Library Journal as one of the Top New Title Selections to be read for 'Black History Month'
Publisher: Amber Books
Publisher: Amber Books


by Terri Simmons
Price: $12.95
Paperback: 150 Pages
ISBN #: 0965506436

- BBP Special $10.95

The Handbook and Guide for the Young Aspiring Black Model
By Yvonne Rose and Tony Rose
Price: $14.95
Paperback: 272 Pages
ISBN #: 0965506401

- BBP Special $12.95

A national best-seller, selling to thousands of aspiring home day care providers, parents, libraries and bookstores worldwide is "How to Own and Operate Your Daycare Business Successfully Without Going Nuts - The Daycare Survival Handbook and Guide for Aspiring Home Daycare Providers and Working Parents" by Terri Simmons, Ph.D.
This nationally acclaimed handbook and guide has shown thousands of home daycare providers how to run a business successfully, work with parents and give love to those in their care. Called the ultimate book on the most important subject facing working parents today - legal, honest and trustworthy home daycare for babies and small children, this book has over 150 pages containing information on how to build and maintain a licensed home daycare business, what agencies to contact, what forms to fill out, what licenses are needed and how to pass state inspections. You'll also learn how to promote and advertise your licensed home day care business and how to work and maintain trust, honesty and organization with the working parent and the department of children and family assistance. Our goal with this book is also to provide guidance to parents on how to select the right daycare program for their children and to know what to expect from their daycare provider. "How to Own and Operate Your Home Day Care Business" is an Ebony magazine 'Bookshelf Pick' and has been reviewed by the Library Journal.

  "Is Modeling for You? The Handbook and Guide for the Young Aspiring Black Model" by Yvonne Rose and Tony Rose is the book that launched AMBER BOOKS, and is a 'Top Ten National African-American Bookstore Pick'.
Co-written by Yvonne Rose who has modeled in the United States and Europe and taught thousands of models how to get their foot in the door of the billion dollar modeling industry. Whether you are aspiring to do runway, commercial, print, showroom, trade shows, video modeling - nationally or internationally - male or female, plus size, petite or child modeling. This 270-page book, with over 60 pages of models, is a handy reference to the agencies where to go, what to do, how to get there, and what not to do in this billion dollar industry. Sample chapters include: "What to Look for in a Beauty Pageant", "Finding an Agency", "Plus-Size Modeling", "Planning Your Portfolio". There is also a full listing of Modeling Agencies in the United States and International Markets, including the Top Black Modeling and Management Agencies.
Publisher: Amber Books
Publisher: Amber Books

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