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Fly on the Wall by Trista Russell -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
I Don't Wanna Be Right by Alisha Yvonne -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  His Story: "I could have any chick at West Dade Senior High, but I went after the one I was told couldn't be broken, Ms. Patrick, my English teacher and my coach's ex-wife. It started with me proving something to myself, but ended with me trying to prove to her that I was all the man she'd ever need."
Her Story: "I struggled to treat him like any other student. All I asked was that he arrive to class on time and I encouraged him to complete class assignments. However, the lustful way he looked at me, the intimate things his words implied, and the way his fingers taunted my skin, was powerful enough for me to put my career on the line."
The Truth: A thirty-two-year-old teacher entered an inappropriate relationship with a student, but what the headlines didn't say was that the student, Theo Lakewood, was eighteen (of legal age), extremely handsome, a senior, and a star basketball player at West Dade Senior High, relentlessly pursued her, ceaselessly studied her, and painstakingly seduced her. Of course she could've ignored his advances, but she welcomed him with open arms. Only a Fly on the Wall would know exactly how he conquered her.

Roman Broxton has it going on for himself in the good looks department, and he even has the lucrative career in which aids his ability to keep the ladies flocking at his feet. Since money is no object and women are the subject, sex for Roman is a warranted consequence, earning him the playah's degree he so rightfully deserves. But, what Roman doesn't see coming is a dose of his own medicine. That remedy comes in the form of one Holiday Simmons, a force which causes Roman to rethink his womanizing ways. Holiday Simmons is a sexy sr. financial analyst, former colleague and friend of Roman Broxton. Until Holiday, Roman's never known anyone with all the makings to possibly be his wifey. The two become a couple, but hard luck begins when Roman discovers his good looks and charm alone isn't enough to maintain such a headstrong woman. Worse than that, double misfortune lies within the possibility of Holiday leaving him for his best friend. What happens when the tables are turned on a player? He could either wallow in the bed he's made, or he will rock the world surrounding it. For Roman Broxton, both depictions are likely and extreme scenarios.

Gigolos Get Lonely Too by Dwayne S. Joseph, Roy Glenn, Jihad -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Harlem Confidential by Cole Riley -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  It's a dream come true for Vernon Gordon--a threesome with two of the finest women in Atlanta. Forget the fact that he's married, or that the two willing women are his estranged sister-in-law and his wife's best friend. Vernon's just out to get his. Carter's found the woman of his dreams and to keep her, he's all set to change his lifestyle as a gigolo. But all hell breaks loose when he agrees to meet Deanna for what he's decided is going to be his last appointment. Rick has to find a way to make it out of the game, when he falls in love with April. Now he has to find a way to cut loose three women--without making himself crazy.
  Roy "Cootie" Hodges, an Old School pimp and thug, has served 10 years out of a 15-year sentence for the murder of a drug dealer. In the Hood, all of the young pimps remembered him: "The Baron." He was known for his style, elegance, street wisdom and the decent treatment of his women. Once released, Cootie re-establishes old ties and friendships by going back to the old neighborhood, hanging out at the old bars and lounges, number spots, jazz clubs, and gambling parlors. One of the young, dynamic pimps, Silky knows a good thing when he sees it. Cootie tells Silky about his missing daughter, her time with the freakish pimp and the action in the hot sheet hotels and the four stars. Silky runs with Cootie past all of the major strolls in the city in search of Cootie's daughter
Married to the Game by Chunichi -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Baby Girl by Jihad -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Ceazia Deveareux is a young exotic dancer and former girlfriend of the late Vegas Jackson, a once big time drug dealer who was killed at Ceazia's hands. Having grown accustomed to the high-maintenance lifestyle Vegas use to afford her, Ceazia takes drastic measures in an attempt to sustain the luxuries she feels are hers and so rightfully deserves. The only problem with Ceazia's thought process is that for every action there is a cause, and for every cause there is a effect. But, when you are Ceazia Deveareux, what you want, you aim to gain---even at the cost of a possible boomerang.
Snake, the brother of the late Vegas, visits this story with a vengeance for his brother's death. Convinced Ceazia is responsible for the catastrophe, Snake patiently awaits the day he can execute his revenge. In the meantime, as Ceazia prances her sexy, hot-to-trot, and yet cunning appeal, Snake happens to have a fascination with strippers, so why not enjoy the worldly likes of her? If ever there is a lesson to be learned, it's the old adage that every thing that looks good to you, isn't good for you.
Ceazia only thought life was hard living as A Gangster's Girl, but reality sets in as to how difficult survival can be as she learns she's actually Married To The Game. Will Ceazia be able to set forth her street savvy ways in order to tread water? Don't miss this astounding tale of sex, game and revenge.
  Life hasn't been easy for Babygirl. She's seen and done her share of dirt.

Raised by an overprotective mother, who was willing to go to no ends - including kill or be killed -for her precious daughter.

Babygirl developed the attitude that what she wants, she gets. Dancing in strip clubs, leading the rich to her love nest and than crying rape- to running credit card, and money scams, Babygirl is making things happen by any means necessary.

While the streets have hardened Babygirl, underneath that tough exterior, the hustler/stripper/scam artist really wants to make a change. But by the time she figures out how to make that happen, Babygirl will see getting out the game isn't easy. Especially when you've crossed the notorious drug dealing family, the St. Louis Black Mafia, and the ice-cold, ex-cop, strip club owner, Stevie Brown.

Between Uncle Shabazz a heroine addict white wanna-be black scam artist, and Uncle Ben a drunk street pyschologist, and a host of colorful characters Babygirl comes to realize that getting money doesn't mean anything if you can't use it to help the less fortunate.
Make You Love Me by Latonya Y. Williams -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
In Her Mother's Shadow by Faye Thompson -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  A man with a good job, nice house, muscular build, and irresistible talent in the bedroom. Carmela wants him for the same reason he wants her. LeQuisha needs to secure a husband and father to her three children. Either way you slice it, Tate Gibson is a very satisfied man. Refusing to commit to either relationship, Tate has no problem sharing himself with these two women. That is, until he meets Tangela. From the moment he lays his eyes on this divine beauty, he falls for her. However, Tangela has an agenda too. And she will stop at nothing to win over the man she believes to be her soul mate.

When three women are willing to serve it up just the way he likes it, what's a man to do? With a sizzling combination of sexual indiscretion and female competition, Make You Love Me will tantalize readers and leave them screaming for more. LaTonya Y. Williams spins another riveting tale that poignantly demonstrates a woman's private desperation to conquer a man's love.
  Nurtured by an overly protective mother all of her life, the beautiful and naïve Bronze Sutton lands in the arms of Julian Mitchell, a fine, honey-colored charmer she develops a sweet tooth for, not knowing that he has a pinch of sugar in his tank. Bronze's best friend, Angela Sommers, introduces her to the very eligible Brandon Wilde, unaware of his connection to Julian Mitchell. Bronze and Brandon become quite a twosome, and Bronze is confident that she has found Mr. Right. Convinced that no man can resist her, Bria Moore, Brandon's ex-girlfriend, waltzes into town to win back her man. When news of Bronze and Brandon's engagement reaches her, a scorned Bria, the niece of an Atlanta Congressman, vows to breakup the cozy couple once and for all.

Set in the fictitious town of Middle Heights, Ohio, In Her Mother's Shadow unravels a web of political deceit that threatens to tear Bronze and her mother, Stephanie Sutton apart. Ultimately, it's the story of devotion and deception and a mother and daughter who share far more than either could ever imagine
Scandalous by ReChella -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
At the Courts Mercy by Kashamba Williams -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
  Lust, deception, and betrayal devastates a closely knit family and nearly destroys a small community of supposedly dignified citizens.

About the Author: ReChella is a native Mississippian. She is thirty-six years old and resides with her family in Northern Mississippi. She enjoys reading, writing, basketball, and spending time with her family. ReChella believes that if a person only walks the distance in which they can see, then their walk will be very short.
  All Nasir Johnson wants is a normal life with his son and his new fiancée. He thinks he's about to obtain them but Life for Nasir is like a highway. And at this point in his life he is in one heck of a traffic-jam about to crash into the car in front of him. His sons mother Nakea is about to take him court to regain the custody, rights she so freely gave up and if that wasn't bad enough his own mother, Loretta is helping her to obtain them. And if that isn't enough the girl he'd been fooling around on with on the side has turned into the stalker from stalker hell. And poor Farren, who is get the brunt end of the stick. She can't take much more. Lets not forget Sonya who can't seem to let well enough be. Can't a man have his cake and eat it too? But what ensues when the cake was baked with poison? The ceiling is dripping with tainted blood as Nasir's poor choice in women keep terrorizing his life. He is left only At The Courts Mercy to decide his new direction in life and going to prison is not an option.  
Shoulda Woulda Coulda by LA Jill Hunt -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
Never Say Never by Dwayne S. Joseph -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Essence best selling author La Jill Hunt's back again with a new drama filled novel Shoulda Woulda Coulda and for her the third times the charm. If you thought Kayla and Terrill had drama in Drama Queen and No More Drama wait until you meet Paige Michaels. Paige has always had her man's back, and why shouldn't she? For the past five years, he's been a good father, a great provider and an awesome lover. But she now realizes that even the house, the two cars in the garage and the lifelong desire to be the perfect family isn't enough to forgive him for breaking her heart. It's time to move on...but can she really let go? Even more importantly will he let her go?   Love is a battlefield and for Reesa, Carmen and Erica, it's time to go to war. Three women who are fed up with their current relationships with men, are about to take the bull by the horns and take what they want, but getting their grooves back won't be without it's bumps and challenges  

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