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Cash Rules by Thomas Long -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Sex in the Hood by White Chocolate -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Cash Rules is a tale about three best friends from Baltimore City who have big plans to make it in the rap world. Takeisha, Latrell, and Danita are three around the way girls who spend their teenage years in the streets of Baltimore City chasing the fast life that's filled with hustlas, money, expensive cars, and pure uncut drama. They see becoming the next superstar rap group as their way to make it outta the hood. As a result, they sharpen up their lyrical skills and form a gangsta rap group called The KS (Killin'em Softly) Crew. They derive the name of the group from their sexy cover girl looks and hard core rhyme style. After hooking up with Scar, another up and coming Baltimore rapper, big time drug dealer, and Takeisha's boyfriend, they are given an opportunity to become major stars in the music industry. However, after Scar and Takeisha break up and he winds up in jail on a trumped up charge, the girls are left to fend for themselves. They hook up with a group of producers from New York City, named The Smith Brothers, and land a record deal with Cash Rules Records. The book chronicles their rise to the top of the rap world and the struggles they endure along the path of fame and fortune.

Duke Johnson has everything--money, power, and respect. He's the self-proclaimed ruler of Babylon, the most notorious gangland in Detroit, and he can have anything and every woman he wants. that is, until he meets Victoria.

Victoria has just lost both her parents, and now that she's moved from her upper class home in suburbia into her grandmother's run-down shack in the hood, she's about to lose something else......her virtue.
Don't Hate the Player by Brandie --Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Lovin' You Is Wrong by Alisha Yvonne -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  INDULGE YOURSELF IN A WORLD OF DRAMA, SEX, LIES, AND BETRAYAL as Brandie invites you into the lives of Luvly, Money, Chocolate, and Taeko; four friends that take each other to a higher level. Money and Luvly are playing a dangerous game. He's a pro football player, she's a drug dealers' girlfriend. Their steamy and often volatile love affair intertwines girl fights, outside lovers and bed sheets and could add up to a deadly equation.
Male-super model Chocolate is every woman's picture of the perfect man. He's intelligent, very sexy and he's looking for a woman to satisfy his wildest sexual desires, even if it means sacrificing his morals, respect and ultimately himself. Taeko is developing an infamous reputation for himself and not for his life as an NBA superstar. He's become notorious for his sexual appetite and violent temper which are making him a loser in the game of life.

Don't hate the player is a non-stop, drama driven story of friends, lovers, secrets and ecstasy that will leave you wanting more.

Holiday Simmons, a successful financial analyst in Memphis, TN, tries to discover what real love is by taking advantage of the affection of two former male colleagues. Roman Broxton and Lance Ferrell not only work for the same insurance company, but they happen to be best friends, sharing a common desire for one woman, Holiday Simmons. Her sophistication, sparkling personality, and remarkable beauty keep them both pining and fighting to prove whose love is deeper. Holiday likes the taste of having her cake and eating it too, but she soon learns that betrayal and deception has bitter consequences once one of the men begins stalking her.
Holiday Simmons takes the readers on an emotional ride as she testifies of the tangled web and relentless behavior of the trio. Life's lessons are in order, and Holiday is forced to do a bit of soul searching to rediscover herself and where she went wrong.

  Dirty Money
Dirty Money

Author: Ashley Jacuavis
ISBN: 0971237034

Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
Rockin Robin by Stephanie Johnson -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  The Girls Are Taking Over The Game!!!
Dirty Money is an urban tale of sex, money, murder, and mayhem and shows the pros and cons of the game. Anari is the epitome of a good girl turned bad after her world is brutally destroyed. Consumed with her desire for revenge, she, along with her best friend Monica, enter a life of drugs, fast money, and betrayal only to adapt the lifestyle that pushed them in the game in the first place. Hiding their true identities, the pair quickly rises to the top of New Jersey's dope game. Using everyone who crosses their paths, nothing, not betrayal or addiction will stop them from dispensing their street justice.

Dirty Money is a page-turner that will leave readers in awe. The realistic drama that lingers on every page will have readers at their wit's end trying to anticipate the final outcome. Never underestimate the power of the girls...They are definitely taking over the game!
  Robin Sessoms was fine working as the Head Reservation Clerk at the Gray Pearl, in Asbury Park, New Jersey which is owned by Todd Kendricks, a software consultant, student and undercover drug addict who is still sleeping with his drug addicted ex-wife and mother of his first son Reggie, and Chanel, a Sociologist, mother of Todd's second son, Kyle, and is also good friends with Robin. Her time was spent working a forty hour plus work week to make ends meet and therapy sessions with Dr. Christopher, her therapist, two times a week because something inside of her just wasn't right. She always felt like she had more than one shadow, like she was never alone. Jiles and Toscha Sessoms are Robin's parents but because of the physical, verbal and mental abuse that he inflicted on both Robin and her mother, she has no contact with him and very little with her mother. Jiles denied he ever abused Robin and Toscha, who still receives his physical and verbal abuse, knew it happened but convinced herself to believe it didn't. Then Robin met Nelson. Nelson Bray, a retired big time lawyer, is a divorced father of three.  
South Side Dreams by B. K. Ray -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Sister Girls by Angel M. Hunter -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Meet the Evans family, three generations living together in a desolate neighborhood in Chicago's crime-ridden South Side. Life has not turned out the way Dorothy Evans, the head of the clan, dreamed it would. Now she returns home from her dead-end job every night and seeks comfort in a bottle of vodka to numb the pain.

Her children find other ways to deal with life in the hood. Danny is on a paper chase trying to make money and stay alive in spite of threats from a rival dealer. Regina keeps herself busy juggling her children's fathers, all the while dreaming that some day she'll find a man to take her away from the hood. Her twin brother, Reginald, seeks fellowship in the church, but his holier-than-thou attitude ignites plenty of arguments in the household.

When their cousin, Anthony, returns home after his sixth stay in prison, he is full of rage. A visit to his son, who's living with a crack-addicted mother, leaves Anthony determined to find a way to insure a brighter future for the child. He devises a plan that will pull the Evans family out of the desperate cycle of poverty they've been stuck in. What price will he be willing to pay to change the course of this family's future?
  Jealousy, Envy, And Pure Hateration.

Maybe you've been there?

Maybe you haven't?

Maybe you know someone that's going through it?

Whatever the case, you know when things get rough you can always count on your Sister Girls to be there for you.

Take a look inside the lives and relationships of Crystal, Susan, Jewell, and Elsie. Their lives are laced with love, addiction, lust and loyalty. Crystal must deal with a past she can't escape. Susan is in denial and needs to get real. Jewell is looking for a "good man". And Elsie is confused about her sexuality. When their issues explode each woman is forced to confront her own set of issues. Their friendship is put to test numerous times and in ways that they never imagined. Together these four sisters take friendship to a new level that puts the realities of life's trail's and tribulations into their proper perspective.
  Bulletproof Soul
Bulletproof Soul by Michelle Buckley -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Street Possession by Tony Lindsay -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Bulletproof Soul pays respect to the resiliency of women from the ghettos to the 'burbs. It's a fast-paced and poignant debut novel that skillfully interweaves themes of love, betrayal, loss, hope and forgiveness. It's the story of Lacy Foxx, for whom the humor and horror of being black, female, single and searching (but in denial about it) is all too real. Unfortunately, her love life isn't her only problem. She's also struggling with the death of close family members, best friend woes, baby's momma drama and major job trauma. Will she learn to embrace her indestructible spirit . . . her bulletproof soul . . . in time before everything comes crashing down around her?   There's an urban battle raging in south side Chicago like never seen before. Tony Lindsay, the master of urban thrillers and mystery, brings us right into the heart of this war in his hot novel, Street Possessions.

Mike Brown, south side's resident crack head, is a man who's made a deal with the devil. He's sold his soul, and now he's got nowhere to go but down. Problem is, he's about to take a few others with him-two prostitutes and a disillusioned police detective who can't always be distinguished from the criminals he's supposed to arrest. Can this unlikely trio face the unthinkable, escape their fate and save their lives?
  You Wrong for that
You Wrong For That by TOSCHIA MOFFETT -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Drug Related
Drug Related by Roy Glenn -United Brothers-Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Drama! Drama! Can we say Baby Daddy Drama?
"You Wrong For That" is a novel that will keep you captivated.

This novel is about an upper-class professional Rheonique who gets involved with Davis only to discover that he forgot to tell her about his two other baby's mammas Terri and Noel.

Rheonique's family is affiliated with the Caribbean mafia and begin to "plot" on Davis after Rhea because pregnant. This novel is truly a page-turner will keep you laughing and crying, it has everything from fights at Hooter's, to kidnapping, wild sex, death and voodoo.
  Gabriel Childers finds out her brother is missing the first person she suspects is her husband Chilly, a major player in the drug game. Chilly of course denies any involvement in her brother's disappearance.

Does Chilly have anything to do with her brother disappearance? Gabriel has to know. So she hires Nick Simmons, a smooth private investigator who gets so caught up in the case that it leads to his arrest and a dark past that he left behind ten years ago.

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