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URBAN BOOKS - Where Drama Meets The Streets!  
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Little Black Girl Lost by Keith Lee Johnson -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Little Black Girl Lost 2 by Keith Lee Johnson -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Johnny Wise was just fifteen years old when her mother sold her virginity to an unscrupulous white insurance man named Earl Shamus. Stunningly beautiful, with long naturally wavy hair, she possessed the voluptuous body of a thirty-year-old woman. Her skin was the color of brown sugar, Johnny had heard about Earl Shamus and his escapades among the poor black women in New Orleans. But what she didn't know was that Shamus had quietly made several of the girls in their neighborhood his reluctant concubines when their youthful bodies ripened --- she was next.

Enter 1950's New Orleans, a world of betrayal, envy, lust and murder, where everyone has ulterior motives. Take a peek at Johnny Wise, a 15-year-old girl, being pursued by ruthless crime boss Napoleon Bentley, who will stop at nothing to have this young beauty. Little Girl lost will shock you right up to the very end with its revealing truths.
Rap Superstar by Debra Clayton -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Mixed Messages by Latonya Williams -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  What happens when one of the hottest rappers in the hip-hop industry falls in love? When Anthony meets Randi, he stops at nothing to win her heart. Once he has convinced her that it is safe to love him, he has to figure out how to ignore the constant temptations of beautiful, more than willing women, of the lifestyle he has supposedly left behind. Join Anthony and Randi in their tumultuous love affair as they try to figure out this thing called love  

On the surface Kailah Carter is a loyal and trusted friend, hardworking financial consultant, and devoted daughter. At least that's what her best friend, Mona Richards, always thought. That is until she discovers Kailah's been sleeping with her man. Kailah believes Keith Terrence to be her Prince Charming. His smooth talk and fat bank account sweeps Kailah off her designer heels, and she happily assumes the role of respective wife. But when Keith's illegal business practices land him in prison, Kailah finds herself scrambling to save what's left of her career and family. Will those she betrayed come to her aid now that the tables are turned?
When Mona meets Davis Simpson, she's ready to abandon her somewhat promising career and life to have this man's babies. Problem is, Davis already has two teenaged daughters, and his ex-wife is hell bent on reuniting her family. Is it worth leaving everything behind to take a chance on love?

MOB by Roy Glenn -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
No More Drama by La Jill Hunt -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Who says crime doesn't pay? Because it sure does for Travis Burns. He's the leader of a well organized robbing crew known only as MOB and he and his crew are living the good life. They target banks, supermarkets, jewelers, and anything else that they can hit quick and come away with a large return for their investment. They are all college graduates and extremely disciplined. In another life, another time, this would have been their last career choice, yet each is set with their own axe to grind with the system. They are not like most successful criminals in the underworld - they don't wear flashy jewelery, don't drive expensive cars and they certainly try not to attract the attention of the police. Operating under the protection of Mike Black's criminal organization, Travis and his crew live by rules that have earned them a small fortune. But things change when Travis meets Me'shelle Lawrence...now he must choose between his love for Me'shelle and his loyalty to his crew.   In Drama Queen we met Kayla Hopkins, a woman who just couldn't win for losing. Now, in No More Drama we revisit Kayla's good friend Terrell Sims. He has just turned his life around, got a new job and the girl of his dreams. But when a problem he thought he had taken care of comes back to haunt him, he might just lose everything he has worked so hard to gain...Terrell's brother is a recently reformed player who has also recently met "the one", but when he learns that she has just as many notches on her bedpost as he does, can he really trust her with his heart? More importantly, can she trust him with hers? All the answers lie within the hilarious pages of No More Drama.
The Womanizers by Dwayne S. Joseph -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Is It A Crime by Roy Glenn -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  For best friends Mike, Max, and Ahmad, the bonds of friendship, love and respect, are put to the ultimate test as each one of them is forced to take a long, hard look at himself and the woman he loves. They all said their 'I do's,' but did they really understand what it meant?

Mike's a bonafide ladies man. He's smooth, sexy, and he's got all the right moves to make the women drop their drawers and do things that would earn a Triple X rating. There's just one problem-his wife, Mya. Although Mike said 'I do,' he's never been able to say 'I don't.' And to those who know him the best, he's never changed. Mya knew what she was getting into when she slipped his ring on her finger, but she'd always hoped that her love would be enough to quench his desire. But now that she's finally admitted that Mike can never be tamed, who will she turn to for comfort? And how will Mike handle it?
  An exciting blend of romance, mystery and danger, Is It A Crime combines these powerful elements into an explosive tale of love on the edge. Is It A Crime tells the story of Mike Black, whose violent rise to power earned him the name Vicious Black. Although he has everything he ever wanted, none of it seems to matter. He becomes enchanted with Cassandra Sims, a beautiful woman involved in the drug business. When an attempt is made on her life, Mike rescues her and becomes her protector. On the trail of her attacker, their relationship develops with an intriguing journey through Washington DC, Miami Beach and the Bahamas in the backdrop. The pursuit leads them back to New York City where all the pieces to the puzzle come together.
Courting Miss Thang by Thomas Green Jr. -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Payback by Roy Glenn -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  Courting Miss Thang is a romantic tale about two hurting souls who had no idea what their future might hold. Fleeing her past as "Miss Thang," a porn industry legend, Frences Walker has come to Toronto, Canada to make a fresh and anonymous start. With caring for her six year old daughter and attending medical school, Frences has settled into a new life and in a new country. Frences steered clear of men, all of them knew her in freaky, sexy ways, she felt, and of course they wouldn't want a relationship, only the sex they had witnessed her perform. Then into her life comes Vincent Slight, a handsome and approachable pro basketball player. Vincent is double jinxed, not only is he in a bad relationship with an uptight lawyer, he is traded away from his hometown New York City up to Toronto. Still, with all that on his mind, one sight of Frences made him feel warm and welcome north of the border and he just had to know her. Frences tries to fight her attraction to Vincent but his calm presence wildly awakens smoldering passions and makes her believe in love again. But while the two of them decide whether they are right for one another, a host of obstacles threaten to keep them apart.   Roy Glenn is back with Payback and continues to introduce us to unforgettable characters that immediately become real. The story begins with a long overdue visit to from Nick Simmons (Drug Related). However, before Nick has the chance to hook-up and reminisce with his old friend, the drama begins. Nick finally has the pleasure of meeting the lovely Shy. After a wild shootout at his club in the Bahamas, Mike Black's wife, Cassandra "Shy" Sims, is kidnapped by South American drug dealers. Mike Black has to find his wife while fighting off a take-over attempt, and solve a murder with political implications, only to find that there is one man behind it all.
Girls from Da Hood 2 by Kashamba Williams, Joy Turner, Nikki Turner, Joy -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Going Broke by Trista Russel -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  GIRLS FROM DA HOOD 2" was well orchestrated amongst the 3 authors. Each story was meshed and correlated to each other in some manner. The authors selected their choice of character and blew up a storyline centered around their chosen characters for this hood book.   After losing her rich boyfriend, what Sarai never expects this late in the game is for salvation to walk in the door--in the form of a man who shows her that true love has nothing to do with material things.  
Girls from Da Hood by Kashamba Williams, Joy Turner, Nikki Turner, Joy -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
Street Life by Jihad, Joy -Urban Books/Trade Paper- $14.95
BBP Price: $9.95
  "A Hoodrat"
While Unique's dope slaying boyfriend, Took sat in the city jail awaiting to stand trial. Unique was busy, recklessly spending allowing Took's money to pass through her hands like running water. Never completely understanding that the stash money was for a rainy day. And when it rains it pours.
  Streetlife is an in-depth graphic journey into the struggle of life as a young black male raised by America's inner city streets. This journey is not only Jihad's, but documented bits and pieces of every African-American mother's son's life. The private lives of so many that have revolved around him as he evolved thru childhood, adolescence and adulthood is profiled.  

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