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Pyzaono Brothers, Joan P. Lloyd

Pyzaono Brothers

Author: Joan P. Lloyd

Format: Paperback, 476pp
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Authors House
ISBN: 1420879731
List Price: $21.95
BBP Price: $17.56 Save 20%

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Pyzaono Brothers


A young girl's loss and sorrow leads her to a life she could never imagine.

How can so much pain bring happiness? As Nelly goes through life, she learns what love and happiness are. After the loss of her father, she decides to move to New York to live with her Aunt. On that journey she meets a man that shows her what it means to be loved. Shortly after their marriage, Base Morgan was killed and Nelly didn't have time to tell him he was to be a father. How could this keep happening to her?

However, this tragedy would bring her to an ultimate love affair that would consume her and yet lift her to the realms of her dreams when she meets the man who would dedicate his life to her, secretly.

Joe Barnatelli knew, the moment he first laid eyes on her, that she had to be in his life. He knew he needed to see her, to be near her, to hear her voice. He employed her, and shared his love. Nelly gave him her son. Joe took the baby as his own, although he carried the name of his father - J'Dee Morgan.

For Nelly and Joe, not to share love, not to make love would be the most difficult thing they would have to do. As the years went by they tried not to show any affection because Joe's life was complicated. He was married to Alicee and 'married to a family' in Brooklyn; which supposedly was to run its businesses alongside Joe's many enterprises. As much as he tried to stay away, problems would come up and as they arose, Joe dealt with them. There were attempts on his life. Men tried to destroy his family and his businesses. Meanwhile, Joe wanted to live a quiet life - which seemed impossible to achieve.

With J'Dee and his brothers, the Pyzaono's, growing into men and with the friends he had made along the way, Joe became more powerful and the 'family' in Brooklyn became more concerned.

The Brooklyn Don waited until the time was right. He had a plan. He'd turned the tables on Joe by using more kindness, to lure him closer. Don Cello's wanted his plan to work so badly that he took a trip to Italy and invited Joe to travel with him. But. Don Cello was in for a surprise. And you'll be too.


Joan's a native New Yorker, currently living in 'Corporate America'. One day she decided to share a beautiful and passionate love story with the world, but before you read her book, here's Joan's story.

She recalls the love she received from her mother and family, which she carries with her to this day. "I had a wonderful life," says Joan.

Joan's mother came from a strong stock of people, which raised their daughters in strict fashion and taught them at an early age 'to make ends meet' - no dilly-dallying in that family. "Mother is still strong," Joan says. "She is still my best friend and I will always remember the lessons she taught me - one of them being: 'Be respectful and thank God for your blessings'."

As a young girls growing up in Manhattan, Joan remembers some of her friends. "One of the things I remember about the old community was the people. I can tell stories about the corner store, my school, the church and how we use to get together after church and cook breakfast. I loved going to the park or going to watch the pigeons fly from the roof tops. The beauty of it all was that we stayed friends over the years and best of all, our children, became best of friends. They followed in our footsteps. And we have another generation of love and friendships."

Joan has worked for the same company for over thirty-five years and "it's been great," she says. "I know most think it crazy to stay in one place for so long but let me tell you it's not crazy and I have always found just what I wanted working there, a steady pay, a good boss." And this 'good boss' is apparently one of the reasons for Joan remaining with the same company for all these years. But more than a 'good boss' Joan found lasting friendships there as well; she says: "You see, 'mergers and acquisitions' are good for more than bringing companies together it brings friendship as well."

"I thank God every day for my husband, who has given me more than I can explain. His care and affection is so overwhelming that most wouldn't believe it. Trust me it's wonderful. I really, really couldn't have accomplished half of the things I've done in life without his patience and his love."

"My son is another blessing in my life. He has brought me joy from the moment he was born to this day and we are the best of friends. It's a special treasure in life when your child reaches adulthood and still, gives you a hugs & kisses."


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